Follow the Single Golden Thread

Beloved One,

Know that all that concerns you is in perfect order.

Even though this is a short statement, it contains all that you desire at this time. If you can feel any golden thread in this, you will come to know that it will lead you to the magnificent golden tapestry that is your life. But first, come to know a single thread. Do not concern yourself with how that single, minute, seemingly insignificant thread - that is no larger than a strand of your hair - could ever comprise the great composite that is your extraordinary experience. But we assure you it is so!  Remember that HOW is not your concern, but staying present inside yourself in deep relationship with your Grand Self - for every single thread of a moment – is your only concern.  Come home to self. It will feel like the first time. It is so easy to get tangled in the web of our life’s creations: constant and change, recognition of talents, pursuits of relationships, establishing home, bearing and raising children, making money, fulfilling other’s needs, learning new things, basic everyday routines and decision after decision that ends you up in a place, caught in your own weave.

So stop. Let go for a moment of all of your attachments to everything…the whole of all that has been created in the past. Put your back pack down. None of what you are searching for is out there. It is in here. So turn it outside in and choose now to live inside out. Many are learning just this reversal, for it is the correct orientation. This recalibrates you to the same life with a radically different experience in it. You first. Inside out. 

And so you have stopped, put down your load, taken a rest, let it all go. Now just breathe. This is also a ridiculously short statement that contains all that you ever need to correct your orientation, for it is always the inbreath that goes the right direction: IN. It is not out there, it is in here.

Okay, now you have begun again in the right place. It was here all along and it will always be your most important here. With each inbreath, fill yourself with the presence of I AM HERE NOW. It is like arriving in a small dark cave to find a single candle lit, and when you focus on the light of the candle, you realize it is lighting the inside of a grand cathedral. Once your eyes adjust, you are blown away by the extraordinary magnificence of the most expansive indescribably beautiful place you have ever witnessed. And then you remember you are inside of you. Then you realize that this is you. And because you put down your load to even begin the journey (into the rabbit hole!), those old burdens are long gone. They were not the real you. Stay with yourself. It is in here. 

In this place all that you seek resides. Do whatever you can to cultivate the most beautiful inner life in every now moment. So when you are doing anything, you never leave yourself. You become your own best friend. Your inner relationship is holy. Your breath becomes your pathway to the Divine that is within you. As you continue to know this inside yourself, you come to know, in every thread of your being, the most precious thing of all:

You are what you are seeking.

The cathedral will grow greater light, more intricacies, pathways to other magic places, secret gardens, symphonies of colour and light and sound, extraordinary support and wisdom and guidance is there as well as play and lighthearted youthful joy and endless abundance and and and…  It is all yours and it is all yours to discover and it holds greater love than you have ever known in this life. It is you. Remember, above all, that it is you. Humbly and sacredly, it is you. It need not be shouted from the rooftops, but it is assured that it will be quietly and powerfully radiated outwardly to serve the world.  

From this magnificent journey, you remember that you are royalty, you are a Divine Child, you are everything: the pauper, the magician, the explorer, the creator, the mother of all, the wizard, the alchemist, the healer, the wise woman, the Crone, the servant, the One. There is only one way to know this and that is to follow that single golden thread. It will lead you home. This is the metaphoric journey of Alice or Dorothy…The Hero’s Journey referred to by Joseph Campbell…the journey to Middle Earth and back to The Shire…to experience transformation by journeying through the darkness in order to return to the light that we already are. When we go looking for our heart’s desires we need not go any further than our own back yard. 

And so what does this mean in relation to the external trials and concerns that weigh your heart and mind?  By exploring your inner life, you will build the most important relationship of all, and that is with yourself, who is God expressed in this world. There is only one way to know that: within. Take all of your concerns there. Your questions, your council, your wisdom is there. When your inner most relationship is locked in, your outer ones will reflect that. In fact, all of your outer world will change in honor of it. This is why this is so important right at this time. If you recalibrate inside, then as your outer world is reforming itself, it will be the most harmonious, beautiful, supportive, rich, fun, abundance, nourishing, rewarding, awesome expression ever! How can it not be?  Your inner cathedral will create an outer metaphor of that and you will have perfect evidence of God’s magnificence as it is expressed through you. That is your purpose. Get it?

And so as you return to work, take your peaceful magnificent self there. It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters how you do it. Who you are in it. This will have all changed because you are breathing a different way. The conscious way. Get it? You will be different as employee, colleague, mother, partner, friend, neighbour, etc. The true you will shine through in a quiet radiance than ever before. Everyone will want what you are having! And then you get to radiate more. 

From this place in every now moment, inconceivable magic will happen. Our telling you doesn’t matter as profoundly as your experience of it yourself. The transformation will take place consciously and you will enjoy it, no matter what color it is. No matter what, all that is good and true and right – you know, because you carry it with you all of the time. It never leaves and it is never out there. It is in here.

Our telling you what will happen is not what is important. What is vital is your command of it through yourself. Be present, breathe, trust and know that all is well.  All is always well. If you live from here, there is no place for self-doubt or recrimination; there is no place for fear because you have LOCKED LOVE IN to yourself. Without self-doubt is confidence, without recrimination is self-worth, without fear is love. With just these three, what concerns about single motherhood, your career, moving or survival at any level could there possibly be? Think upon this. Always reaffirm to yourself, in any moments of wavering (for they will show up like contractions to help you get this) that you are worthy and have a right to your true emotions (promising to process them in a real way so they can be released) and that you are strong and know who you are. Take stock of your strengths and love home your weaknesses. Ask for help at any level when you need it. This is a solitary journey that is supported by legions! 

Ask and you shall receive. Remember to ask.

Above all, know that you are not alone. Only one can go on the inner journey, but many, many are in support and await requests for support. Turning ourselves outside in so we can live inside out is no easy task, but it is the reason we are here on Earth – to remember who we really are.

Desiderata said it perfectly: You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. So occupy your place within yourself so that the world can enjoy you! Keep trusting that the radical transformation happening in your life will land you in perfect stead – in fact, know that it will be even more beautiful than you have imagined. It always is. Most importantly, don’t miss “the ride” as it unfolds before you. After all, it is your life. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

We end where we began, reminding you about the single golden thread and invite you to stop, breathe and follow it. Let the magic begin…

We are always with you in support of all that you are in every now moment. Magnificent!

The Council of Light Within Addressing the Light of Tracy       


Peter fox 17th April 2014 9:17 am

Magnificent- Thank you!

BleuMuze 17th April 2014 7:52 pm

That is supremely lovely. Thank you for this timeless truth.


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