Guilty Schmilty

Good morning Beloved, we greet you on this fine spring day.

What is the nature of guilt, you ask? It is insidious - in fact contagious - as it is spread from one to another. It is a form of abuse. It is birthed by lack of true power, but one’s feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. Of course, intellectually this is not true, but the young child or innocent or unaware One does not know this within themselves to block it from its inception.

Guilt is a result of believing that One is less than another and so deserves the infliction upon them, the judgement, the role of the abused. It is a partner in the victim-perpetrator duo. One incites guilt upon another to control or manipulate an outcome they perceive as correct and the victim believes it is true and so conforms, denying their own right to know what they believe as true. This self-denial creates guilt. Self-denial also creates the guilt of responsibility for wrong-doing, as the originator knows that what they did was wrong, and has denied themselves what they know they deserve: to have expressed right action.

Guilt is the result and feeds like an acid upon the victim and so it keeps drawing them down and down so they act out the false truth they have adopted for themselves, which is that they ARE less than another. When one believes this falsehood, various expressions arise such as self-denial, self-deprecation, and many forms of subservient behaviour that perpetuate the lie. The strongest accusation that can be used in the human justice system is to be charged and convicted as guilty of a crime. These are heavy words. And yet this is what One does to Oneself, is to accept all degrees of crimes - charged and convicted - by false cause. Self abuse.

Forgiveness is the magic elixir to heal all wounds, and in this case, it is primary. Although it is vital that One knows it is self-forgiveness that is most important, as guilt is an imposition accepted upon Oneself. By self-forgiveness, the cycle is broken and One cannot be tempted to use it as a weapon against another, and so the contagion is stopped. Guilt is a great disease passed through the centuries to control others, so of course it is time to no longer allow it in within so it can heal in everyone. Guilt is not sustained in the higher frequencies, so each One must check its presence in themselves and eradicate it. It is a completely unnecessary ill, and must be dissolved by the only effective method there is: LOVE. Self-forgiveness is unconditional love expressed inward that it grows so large it effects everyone else and radiates out like ripples on a pond. The Hawaiian act of Ho’oponopono (meaning to make things right - for any miscreated action that is not of love on our timeline since creation), is perfect in its purity: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Since The Self is The One, there is only One to forgive: Self. And all as The One benefits!

A guilt-ridden society is an epidemic of oppressed and depressed Ones who are confused about the true source of their power. They have forgotten who they really are. And so it is expected that the Great Awakening that is taking place will need to spin off the weighty blankets of guilt that has made them falsely believe they are not worthy of their humble greatness. Guilt is the wet blanket holding many down, and its release, through self-forgiveness, will raise the masses up. No longer being held down by guilt will empower each One to allow a greater flow from their Higher Selves and they will begin to excel in ways they couldn’t even perceive was possible from under the heavy blanket. This is what is happening.

We are no longer ashamed of the original split from our Godsource, we remember who we are so that we can be a brighter beacon of this Light in our everyday lives. All of the previous blocks, excuses or denials have been melted away with the same Love that created us – unconditional and pure. We are not bad kids – we are God’s kids – and we have done nothing wrong! What an extraordinary relief. It is what everyone wants to know, that in the end, they are brilliant after all…after everything they wrongly thought was true.

So Beloved, anything that weighs upon you like a heavy blanket is false. Figure out what it is that is keeping you down and change your perception, heal the thought, change the belief with self-forgiveness and dissolve it (love it back!) with Self Love. Step by step, moment by moment, you will experience great relief that so many of your beliefs are not true – they were wrongly adopted at some point to protect you – but those old beliefs just simply don’t work for you anymore.

Free yourself. Love yourself. And in the process, each One sets each One – and the whole thing - free! There is nothing to be guilty of, for you have done nothing wrong to begin with. Whew. And the great wet blanket is lifted and you are free!

You know you are loved, inside and out, we are,

The Council of Light Within




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