Hidden in Plain View

Take a deep breath, connect to your expanded Self and stay there. Hold on to it, no matter what else is flying around you. Do not move from this connection (do not pass Go, do not collect $100!). Do not be seduced by the external allurings. If you have this, you have your truth and all else can do whatever it needs to do to transform in the chaos. That’s all. Were it that simple! I know, it is a constant calibration, a constant effort. We have to remind ourselves about forty-three times per day and then tomorrow we have to remember again. If all we do is remember this, we are on our way.

Time is shifting - or more accurately - our perception and relationship to it. Our minds are relaxing into grace as often as we remember to connect or hold the peace inside. There is nothing outside that we need. It is all inside. It is all in the state of being inside that nourishes us beyond measure: peace, contentment, appreciation, abundance, joy, trust. Find whatever you can that is like that inside and feed it, grow it, expand it. Let it become you. Choose the thoughts that support this garden, for all else are weeds, fungus and parasites. Don’t let your beautiful garden be trampled by your own meanderings. Then when things are explosive, or contracting, or spinning or plain old on fire, you are holding solid ground inside. See the brutal lessons coming to the surface of violence or abuse or disease or disrespect or whatever form of miscreation and love it back to balance. We have all gone there and we are all contributing to getting ourselves out.

This is one big collective experiment and we must love ourselves through it. Not judge or condemn where we have been, but focus with love on where we are going. Be sure not to recreate through judgement. Hold the light of your truth so that others can do the same. Be contagious in this. Uplift your heart and mind and presence through the Greater Connection as often as you need to, until it becomes you - and then don’t stop, for you hold it for all others. We are sparks that have gotten lost in our own human miscreations and as we polish ourselves back to our original light, we shine it brighter so others can find their way and on and on and on. If your heart is stirring you to do something, do it. If you are getting riled about it, do something to fix it. Change it. Bless it. Heal it. Inside first and then the outside follows.

Your decisions are yours to sort through inspiration from your connection. Try changing the addiction to involve others in every cogitation and crossroad, and just sit quietly within yourself. Being your own best friend is not as corny as it sounds. Frankly, it is the most important one, as all else is blessed by this first relationship. Solid in Presence and conviction inspired therein makes the best contribution to the whole that is possible. Do that. Stop the addiction to the external stimuli and close your eyes for a moment. Follow your breath down to the bottom and stay where it takes you. Breath in light and exhale love. Place your hands over your ears if you have to!  Silence! Go there. All is always well there. Whatever it is that you feel you are lacking in your external world, it is in there in boundless abundance. It’s the Great Library, so check it out. It’s an instant vacation, healing, counselling, feast of your heart’s desire - so visit the well. There is nothing to do there. There are no obligations or requirements. You own up. No overdue fees or demerit points or outstanding debts. Just expansive, candy store freedom, balance, rejuvenation and reward. Just do it.

Then no matter what else happens, no matter what the external world throws at you, you stay on point. You know exactly where all of your resources lie and you are a portable repository of All That Is. Don’t you think that is what this is all about? We shatter off from the original giant hologram to realize that we are our own hologram of the original and as such reunite with our original unified hologram? Mandelbrot crossed through the veil this week and while here he proved mathematically that we are all fractals of the original fractal! Blows our minds, but check it out. It’s all one big fractal. The Mandelbrot Set.

Don’t you think that going within may be what is referred to as “the meek shall inherit the Earth” or what it means by the saying that our Father God provides us with all we need to survive – our food and shelter? Whatever I have is yours and what I do you can do and more? It is all within. I have a bumper sticker that says “begin within - I’m thinking we should hang out there more often, bring all of that goodness “out here” – and that’s how we create the paradise we intend. Be the peace. Be the change. Breed kindness. Need nothing. Go within.

The more we bring it “out here”, the sooner the transformation will come. You know, The Second Coming. You know we’re it. The great irony is that somehow, through our perceived separation from the original hologram (God), we think that we are “less than” - somehow tarnished at our core - and we have to purify ourselves before we are worthy. And now we find out it is from our pure selves that we fix our former miscreations and save the world. Whooda’ thunk it. Hidden in plain view.

Another favourite bumper sticker I once saw: “I used to be an atheist until I realized that I was God.”  Hmmmm. I don’t think it is what was meant, but I’m thinking there’s something to it. Of course we’d find out the whole thing is inside out and backwards, just to teach us about judgement and limited perception. Well, we’ve figured it out now. Just stick with it.

See you when we get there!  Wherever there is, it doesn’t really matter, because we are here – beginning and ending within.


Our Council of Light is Within

P.S. A favourite book when I was little was “The Upside Down Lady” and everything was going wrong for her until she realized she had her shoes on the wrong feet…I’m also thinking there is something for us in that too!


kjohnson 25th October 2010 9:13 am

Hi Rebecca and the Council of Light!

This message is so perfect for those of us in the latest energy pressure cooker! I'm sending it on to all of my friends so that we can link up into this special message and maintain the light in "light of the chaos"! The link to the " Mandelbrot Set" information wasn't working....is there a way to re-post the link? I would love to learn more about this process/truth of creation. Much love and light!


angelk 25th October 2010 10:22 am

This clear reminder was a blessing in truth for me today. Thank you. And, I agree with the former posting the mandlebrot link is not working. Is there a way to repost this so we may view it? Peace blessings. Namaste,

COBALT 25th October 2010 11:44 am


Rebecca Couch 25th October 2010 5:32 pm

Here is the YouTube link to The Mandelbrot Set:



Spirit Library 26th October 2010 4:43 am

The link has also been fixed in the article....sorry for the delay everyone!



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