It’s Getting Better All the Time

You are wondering how you are going to fix everything when you are exhausted. Yes, there is much to recover to its original perfection and at the same time there is much miraculous evolution taking place…and so it is like the ebb and flow of the waves that come to the shore. The inbreath and the outbreath play upon each other’s momentum to continue. So it is not to focus on one action and not the other, for the choice of that determines your fate! Focus only on the positive action, no matter how small you perceive it…focus on the growing Love, the expanding light, the acts of kindness, the awakening of humanity, the rescue of the animals, the cleaning of the beaches, the changes in action that clean things up, the protection of the natural environment, the return to natural foods, the advancements in health care, the saving of the children, the right use of will. The list of errs could fill the pages, but let us not focus our energy there. Focus only on what you can do, in every now moment, to make something, somewhere, somehow better. Your change in perception is the most profound of all. KNOW that things are getting better. KNOW that the glass is always refillable! And choose to live each moment with this continued understanding and it will be so.

It is also the time, as your Grandmother said, that “many hands make light work”…and it is beginning in the many hearts and minds of your brothers and sisters to decide to act on their inner knowing that we are all in this together and we are all going to join together to create positive outcomes for everyone. The “Me to We” generation is here; this is the power of the 99% movement that was born a few years ago and is coalescing its platform within each person who is deciding what they know and what action they will take as a result. The consciousness, and consequently, the groups are gathering. And they no longer need the old way to unite, they no longer require political sanctioning, they no longer even require constitutions or by-laws. They require unified hearts of intention to create something for the highest good. The higher dimensions are defined by the highest good, so that is all you ever need to focus upon…what serves in the highest good that is inspired by the highest good has the support of the highest good!  

There are some hints here to help make the journey smoother: affirm your positive perspective by living it; follow your heart, which means by internal guidance; you are never alone and there is great strength in joining hands; and, all that is borne for the highest good serves it and will be supported by boundless energy. The only other hint that we can convey is the deep, great, magnificent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, ridiculously incredible power of unconditional Love. It is all everyone and everything requires to thrive and the more you can remember and be and express the essence of it, you will have served your great purpose on Earth. Everything matters and everything wants freedom to be what it is. 

Feeling tired is an outcome of resistance. Go with, allow, non-resist what is making you tired and you will be liberated. Allow everything to teach you - especially that you are not of it, you are experiencing it. The separation of these two things alone is a God perspective that frees you. You cannot be in prison unless you agree with it. You are liberated by your perspective alone, you have always held that power and now it is time to KNOW it. It is true, it is you who has the power to liberate yourself. Silly you. Acceptance is unconditional Love. Nonjudgement is unconditional Love. Nonresistance is unconditional Love. Forgiveness is unconditional Love. Freedom is unconditional Love.

And so we encourage you to stop resisting everything: comings and goings, life and change, birth and death, action and reaction, sickness and health, do lists and don’t lists, obligations and debt, joys and learning, and on. Choose to surrender to the magnificence of every aspect of life and you will not be tired again. And how do you begin? By choosing in each moment to BE and accept yourself and allow life to move through you however it does…whatever you are doing, without resistance. Let go of how you think it should be…and just allow it to be what it is. This is the essence of unconditional love, which is the true essence of who you are. Not resisting this could just be the secret to the fountain of youth. Allow, accept, rejoice. Allow, accept, rejoice. Allow, accept, rejoice.

It is with these small, yet profound words that we leave you today, in deep gratitude for all that you are, we are,

The Council of Light Within You


debs go lightly 12th October 2015 2:25 pm

Thank you Rebecca and The Council of Light, your words are just what I needed today. Beautiful.

Much love and golden light and gratitude, Debs.

Pambailey 13th October 2015 9:08 am

Thank you very much ? Love and blessings, Pam


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