On Solstice: You Rock!

Greetings beloveds, at this special time of year. Solstice is the time when you reach the pinnacle of your orbit to begin the path to return to balance in the second half of the year. It is a natural time for the changing of the guard so that you may enter this holiday season and New Year with a refreshed, filled open heart to begin again. It is a time of pregnant expectancy. It is a time of fullness and business, and yet from the stillness comes the new. Do what you can to find the glistening stillness in all that you do. Breathe into the peace of yourself. Be still and know that you are God.

There is much turmoil in the air, but it is just there – in the air – do not let this touch your deep inner sense of place, for you know exactly where and how you are, and it does not look at all like what is being cast on the airwaves. Trust, from the deep, solid, peaceful core of your being that you are completely cared for, divinely protected, and all is always well. The granite at your core is only malleable with the long, slow pressure of universal change. No matter what happens on the surface, you are the rock. Being the solid rock core transformed only by the constant, subtle vibrations of higher change is the role of the lightworkers at this time. You rock!

Be stalwart in envisioning the extraordinary, grand possibilities of your future, for even your greatest imaginings will be superseded by the greater plan. Magic and blasted open paradigms are afoot. Allow yourself to be freed from the constraints of patterns from the past, for so much more is possible now. This the great benefit of fantasy or science fiction, for it keeps your minds open to what has always been behind the veil. And oh, so much more. Be excited about what you can’t even imagine is possible. Know your interconnectedness is beautiful and immense like a great woven fabric of light flowing in the breeze. Your responsibility to your own Self/God God/Self connection in service to the whole – the One - has great transformative power. Like a great string of Christmas lights, keep your own bulb lit so that the entire chain stays lit. One bulb is as important to the sea of bulbs. And the overall sight is magnificent!

Take care of each other. Be aware of those around you that need some extra love and nurturing and hope, for the great chain of light is held by both hands – one giving and one receiving – both needed to keep the electricity going. Be nurtured and nurture. They are one and the same, but often only one hand is working and the chain is broken. Do both. It is in giving that you receive.

Allow your holiday heart to blast open and stay there…the compassionate, passionate, giving, loving, helpful, all-encompassing, giant heart. The one that feels so full it hurts good. The one that loves nature and children and animals and family and abundance in all forms and God. This is the heart that makes sure the flow goes both ways, and this is the heart where faith lives. This is the heart that knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all is well, even when it appears otherwise on the surface.

Expect miracles and know that they are part of your everyday, common experience. The more you live in this place, the more you will experience them and become a miracle worker yourself. Not for your ego, but for your stewardship. It is what you do when you rock with God!

Take loving care of your physical being as it goes through the subtle, bedrock changes while the tectonic plates shift! Listen to what it needs to feel better and do it. You know what it is saying.

Bless all those who push your buttons. They are reminders of your own deficiencies. Blessing them allows your own self love to fill in the space. In this way your free yourself and others to receive the same. Enough! It is time to stop the cycle. If you don’t like it outside of you, change it inside and then watch what your disengagement does to the chain. It works both ways, and this is how you sort what to keep and what to let go. The separation of the wheat from the chaff…the transformation into the New World starts inside.

It is a beautiful world; don’t believe what is being said otherwise. Watch your thoughts that you contribute to creating and not destroying. Decide once which team you are on, and then set about your efforts. Wavering keeps you stuck, so get on with getting on. The positive creation team is in the game and awaits your participation!

The birth of the Christ child is within you. The light of the New Day and the New Year and the New World is yours, and what awesome works you will do!

In tandem with all that you are, we are

The Council of Light that is Within


Peacekat 21st December 2008 10:09 pm

My goodness gracious...!!!!
such grounded, earthy , direct language
certainly makes the message clear and
easy to swallow....no misinterpretaion
could be allowed here.....
thank you for the slap on the back,
like an old friend's support, that
we can and will ROCK on to a most
marvelous new year and new world !!!

Namaste and Peace

Debbie 22nd December 2008 6:24 am

Fatastic message not just for the solstice but for living your life to the fullest

May you expereince every blessing you have given to others

Love and light,



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