Painting Paradise

Greetings beloved servants of God!

We greet you as you gather in awakened consciousness on this day! It is such an important time. You can feel the importance of this time. As all are saying - it is the time that you have been waiting for - the time has come for you to flower! You know this, from the depths of your soul and now to your daily knowing. And so there is not much more new or empowering or enlightening that we can say to you at this time that you have not already learned on your path. It is simple now. JUST DO IT. Think peace, be peace, breathe peace, know love, expand consciousness, love God, see clearly, trust your heart, know thyself, love others as yourself, give it all to God, lay down in trust, rejoice in spirit, celebrate this magical life, honour all that you do as a miracle, forgive everything, know that there is nothing else but love, every physical breath is a gift, seeing fellow beings as God is how He sees us, have compassion for all life, walk the middle path, all that you do is creation, bless the ear of the listener, less is more (and more is what you came here for) and after everything - it is not what you think!

You are right to look to the children now - for they will bring the new wisdom, the new way, the new reminders, the new beingness. Look to them. The guidance of "PRETEND" is perfection; know that this is true. Isn't it the ultimate paradox that what you pretend is true! How perfect it is that what we see as the most frivolous of activities is the most sacred? The meek shall inherit the Earth. The pure in spirit shall reign and this is not about hierarchy. It is about eminence. It is the eminence of spirit that is important that our Light may emanate in response to God that God knows we have returned to Him and the cycle of creation is complete. And yet we must align with the Great Elohim of ourselves to create the form in which we return to Him, for that is the blessing of free will! Rejoice and be glad in it!

It is the form that is being created now and that is what the Children of Oz are talking about. We are preparing the ceremony by which we return to Him. The collective spirit consciousness of the planet is gathering intensity around thought forms and beliefs in expression of itself. Remember that the so-called "negative" also does this - all thought form has form. The greatest expression of both returns to Him and we choose to align ourselves with the great explosion of light and individual creative expression that is in accord with joy and growth and freedom and love and abundance and peace and equality and uniqueness and expansion. It is as if we are planning a great celebration and the celebration is the paradise into which we move. We create a party with all of the aspects of limitless perfection and then we get to become it. So, as a child, you created these imaginings so freely within your mind even to the point that the physical representation of the creation did not appear inadequate to you - it was real - and then it became so. Imagine now that you have the same power of creation only you are building real cathedrals and real states of being that are perfect and greater than any paradise you have ever imagined before. Pretend it is so.

So we ask you to create such a perfect thought form and launch it into the planetary circuitry that it contributes to the seeds of creation, it is your group's "vote" for creating paradise. You have come together to send your ideas to the great party planners about your ideas for the celebration. What does your painting look like? What world do you choose to enter? What is it like? Create your own perfection. Doesn't that sound like the greatest gift anyone could ever give to you? To allow you to create your own perfect world and you have all the tools and colours and ingredients that you choose? Wow. A bottomless toy box. Be bold and daring and confident and loving creators, no less than the original One. And yet if we are Him, we have created ourselves in order that we could create "as much as me and more" and the spiral expands.

You have the tools. You have the knowledge. You have the collective "canvas". Now just PRETEND that it is so and so shall it be. We honour you and each of your sacred and important contributions. Thank you for joining us in this Time of all Times. Beloved ones, we paint with you. Adonai.

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