Paving the Road Before You

Behold, this is the moment of Truth! The time of our reckoning. We know that sounds very ominous, but it is to get your attention. Your attention to remember the most important reason for your presence here at this time, and that is to anchor paradise. To create the life of your perfect dreams. Please, please ignore the illusion of death and destruction and fear and doomsday. Release it from your consciousness, for here is the pot of creation. If this is in your heads, it will be in your experience. We cannot say this enough - and now without using the same clamour of attention that the negative uses. Simply chose peace. Simply be peace. But that also means clearing out every single thought that is not so. We mean this with the utmost fervor now. Stop it! It is difficult to send loving reminders of great severity and importance, as it seems a contradiction, but please, please, please - eradicate all thoughts of anything that you do not want in your experience at this time. Don't even use the words. Focus with blind intention on the world that you would create if God gave you the power to do so (which He has) and paint the most beautiful of all canvases. It is into this that you will walk. Chose the bright, the beautiful, the hopeful, the abundant, the radiant, the magical, the harmonious, the diverse, the intricate, the glorious colours unlike any you have seen before and a combination of all that is good. This is your palette. This is your future.

First think of a way to get rid of all that is not this perfection - in your physical world first, if necessary. Clean out your closets, clean out all that brings to your mind and experience anything less than perfection and this will also give your mind practice. This is the value in this. Most are not at the point where you are able to see the perfection in everything, but this is a good exercise too. Go to the dump. Look at old war photographs. See the perfection in death. When you are able to do this and experience uplifted feelings, then you have done well - until then, we suggest you start with the small tasks of eradication, and then face the big stuff. It will be a world of perfection when we are able to look at the images of death and destruction like New York or Washington or Bali and only see perfection. But what a test for humanity, and even for those who are awake to this notion! We remind you that you are all creating at all times, but the responsibility of being awakened to this great secret means that you must do this with great diligence now, in order to supercede the other creations manifesting at this time. With divine objectivity, you can see that this is a test for Earthlings at this time, and also that you have great power in affecting creation of the opposite. So get on - at every moment - whether together or not, you are in consciousness - with the manifestation of all that is good and perfect that you, and all in your Great Family, can live in eternal, glorious, expanded lives of perfection.

Abraham's message of "choosing the thought that feels good" is a great daily exercise of calibration, ensuring that you are always creating beauty and light. Your basic beingness is an expression of creation itself, so the act of conscious creation is the most expanded, evolved expression of who you are. Before the roads were pre-paved, and now you are tasked with gathering together in a great unified parade and paving the road before you as you walk. What an experiment! It is up to you to chose where the road goes and the entire landscape around you as you walk into the future of humanity. Talk about being on the edge of creation! The thing is - hellish, dark destruction is creative too, but it has been done before. What has not been re-accomplished from this current human state, is the return to Eden, and that is new creation! So with your collective intention and knowledge of who you are, join in manifesting this new Eden and magnify it to every corner of human experience and then, from this point forward, continue to walk on the edge of Eden, paving perfection with each step you take.

Blessings to all who read this - as you are the creators of your own future. All that you do expands All That There Is. And so it is.

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

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