Plant, Nurture and Grow Peace

Isn’t it the most beautiful time of year when all things return to their centre point of balance? Doesn’t it feel great to be in this place of equilibrium and harmony?  Stay there! Be determined that, no matter what, this is the place from which you live. Remember it and keep it and defend it and anchor it and radiate it. This is the place from which all possibility springs, so be filled with that concept at this important time.

Sit in the still point and expand your consciousness into the infinite possibility, the great mind of Creator, to call forth greater expansion and stimulation for yourself. The so much more that is coming to you is mind boggling and heart soaring. Imagine that it is already here; imagine that you express an important part of its conception and birth; imagine that the greater whole is blessed by your contribution to it.

There is a dynamic conception at play here at this very point, for out of the void, the stillness, comes the spark of the new. Allow this spark to ignite in the quietude of you. This is the silent moment that is now. The new moon coming in Aries marks the beginning again, this time new, this time filled with even greater possibilities in the spiral of life and you are key in its unfoldment. All you need do it intend to be the spark that brings new light to the world. Nothing less is offered to you! And nothing greater!

For you share in the creative mind and presence of God and you are being asked to align more consciously with It so that from your crown you receive It, from your sight you conceive It, from your throat you speak It, and from your heart you radiate It. Your will is aligned to it, your creativity gives birth to It and your feet are anchored to the Earth in It. Feel this core of emanence inside you and grow it, feed it and nurture it, for this is the place out of which all peace comes and all peace is shared and made contagious. This is the place of non-attachment, non-judgement and non-resistance that you seek. The opposite is clinging to the outside world; the antidote is growing your inner light and peace through connection with divine source. This can be expanded in many ways, but mostly it is in connecting with the still, quiet presence within. It is nurtured in solitude and grows by its recognition at all times, especially when all is loud around you. Especially when your emotions flood over you, especially when all about you seems to oppose It. Allow nothing to unsettle your connection to It. For It is the greatest, most important aspect of you and is most important renewable, sustainable resource available to you!

So our advice to you is to plant, nurture and grow peace from your inner depths that it may wind its way, without hindrance, into your outer world. By that time, the wines will be mature and unstoppable. This is one entanglement that is welcome: the interwoven vines of peace. And just think how delicious the fruit will be! And then the seeds will sprout and so on it continues.

Imagine then, what extraordinary things will unfold when all of your efforts are not being distracted by madness? Therein the New Earth is just beginning to be born! This is the time you have been waiting for, so choose now to cross the bridge into the New Land through the doorway of your own inner peace as you turn yourselves inside out. You knew it wasn’t “out there”…It was always waiting for you in here!

Ever abiding in your light, we are

The Council of Light Germinating Within




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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.