Simple Grace

There is definitely something in the air on this full moon! You can feel that all of that waiting for the old to depart so that the new can begin is now coming to pass. There is the waiting, the deep desire for change, the yearning, the impatience, the effort – and all in one moment in the blink of an eye – it happens. Like a fresh new wave that comes to clear the beach. And so “Now what?”, you ask…

Be gentle with yourselves like a newborn…all is fresh and new and in transition, so treat yourself very delicately…do not allow anything to get to you or to ruffle those baby feathers! Nothing. Be soft and like the silent watchers, just witness and appreciate the newness, the new new, with the awed gratitude of a child. Keep it simple. Now is not the time for great acts of anything…just stay centered and appreciative…it will unfold gently from here as you allow.

The simple message is this: take loving care of your physical body, feeding it foods that bring you comfort and make you feel good. Give it pure water often. Move your body with grace and appreciation. Think life-enhancing thoughts that uplift you. Feed your mind goodness, however that comes. Listen to beautiful music and watch movies that inspire and open your heart. Share time with people who please and expand you. Take away all demands and obligations and pressure. In your responsibilities, be committed with joy. Nourish your spirit in all ways that do. Be precious about your life and all others. Listen carefully not to allow anything to unsettle you – and if does, stop it. Stay emotionally pure, allowing what comes to come, all the while keeping balanced. Smooth the rough edges about your life. Hold to  your deep truth in all ways. Say yes to what expands and no to what limits, spoken all with love and appreciation. Love the children and the animals and the magic of nature. Care for each other in deeper ways than ever before. Take care of your family, now defined in an expanded way to include all those whose love you share; accept that this circle keeps growing, never diminishing. Expect miracles near and far; they are not defined by size. Most of all, know that all others are coming – one by one – to this same gentle place from which all grace is born: from within. And then just watch the magic happen outside!

Yes, there are things to be done. Much to accomplish. But from this place it will be achieved in a new way that is filled with a simple grace that does not cultivate anything other than itself. There is no greater foundation for creating Heaven on Earth than from this heaven inside.

Much continues to fly about in the air around you. Do not let it stick. Keep affirming the outcome you desire, even if there are those about you that will call you naïve. Naïve is a preferred alternative to running screaming into the night! This is a time of disciplined joy if you can imagine such a thing. Hold true to yourself and represent - no matter what – the outcome of joy. Stop the nervous churning in your belly; there is nothing to fear, for you will always overcome. Love always rises to the top.

Watch your thoughts unlike ever before, for they become your experience. Keep choosing wisely. Breathe deeply. Stay chilled.

It is really just that simple.

Always with you,

The Council of Light


Terry 12th November 2008 9:06 am

Very comforting...Thank you.

marg 12th November 2008 9:49 pm

: :) Thanks for the reminder to look after myself!! Marg

Paul Lukowiak 14th November 2008 11:15 am

Years ago I got the sense that heaven is a very simple, loving place. While trying to study all the complexities of theology and philosophy and thinking that God is this unfathomable mystery,I had a vision of Jesus. It was like a short quick scene from a movie. Jesus was walking with some people (perhaps the apostles) and his head was titlted back and he was laughing, like he had just heard a really funny joke. What a wonderful laugh! It has stayed with me all these years. I have come to know that happiness and joy are the keys to life. There is no mystery to happiness. Just look at a newborn baby, the most helpless creature on this planet. They know that happiness is their birthright. They breathe, and they smile. That's all you need to know about being happy, just breathe and smile, and soon you will find yourself in a safe and loving space. People have told me I am naive, that life is so much more complicated than this, but I don't think so. Just remember to breathe and smile and always choose to be happy, It's so simple even a baby can do it!

I AM ROSE 14th November 2008 6:24 pm

Beautiful simple truth.
Our new baby Grandaughter continually is an example of this simplicity,perhaps these little ones are here to remind us all of being happy with who we are in any now moment.
My husband and I are thrilled and blessed with this gracious little soul that has brought more awareness of such joy,grace gratitude and love,not just to us, but to all we come in contact with daily.
In Love...Light...Gratitude...Grace and Freedom.
Rose :smitten:


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