Stay in the Zone

The best way to secure your bright future and revitalized life is to be fully open to the present at all times. You can reflect on the past and design your future best from this vantage point. So begin your new year by being open to your own divine light now. Breathe it in like a shower of light; call it forth to transform your heart now. Allow the light to fill your entire being and spill out like radiant beams. Affirm unity of all beings and within yourself that the entire universe is holographically awakened within you. It’s kind of that simple, and yet so ridiculously profound if you allow yourself to comprehend it.

Since you are a frequency receiver and transmitter, it is only this that you need know: you must consciously be participating in your role as a beacon of light. You must show up as your own station owner, manager, producer and radio personality – and you get to choose how you want to be in each of those roles and what frequency you tune into and consequently broadcast to the world. Even if your station is dormant, you are still broadcasting; your frequency still affects the radio waves. Your presence matters, your participation is essential to the whole. And then there is a great symphony of frequencies emanating out to the community, region, the expansive world and beyond.

So the turn of the new year is an opportune time to assess the quality of your presence and what you choose to express. If there is anything holding you back from beaconing a higher frequency, then it is up to you, the station manager, to set things right. It is important to assess your goals and any obstacles there are to meeting them. It is up to you to show up and do your brilliant thing, in each and every now moment. When you falter, keep on going and recalibrate to ensure you do not need to learn that lesson again. And keep recalibrating in each now moment. Then, have fun! Have an extraordinarily exciting time creating…what will you contribute, what will you filter, what will you broadcast, what will you advertise, what will you support, what will your public service announcements be, what new artists will you support, and most importantly, what news will you broadcast? Will it uplift all who hear it or experience your presence? You are the originator, manager and star of your own show. But you must show up. There is no more hiding and no more excuses and no more assuming someone else will take care of it. Not anymore, it is you.

And so the year will unfold in its perfect kaleidoscope of majesty and whatever happens, you are ready, for you are fully present in the present, no matter what. And everything will happen and everything is changing and everything is magnificent in its perfect way because you are experiencing it. Are you getting the picture that it is just about the presence, the experience of it, whatever it is? So no judgement, no attachment, no expectations, no suffering, unless you allow it. Stay in that perfect neutral zone and yet create with passion…see where we are going with this? You are the change-maker, the do-meister, the composer and the conductor. Take dominion over your own creation and make it sing! There is something you can do to make a difference. No need to figure it out, just follow your passion, what brings you alive, what matters, what gets your blood moving and follow that…for your internal spark will take you there effortlessly. Yoda is right: there is no try!

If you focus on all that wild stuff out there, it will only spin around and whack you in the head as tornadoes are want to do. This is not your proper focus…it is internal…find the spark and let your passion carry you…and the constancy of it, the presence of it in the timeless every moment will see to your accomplishment of it. You know what this is like – as you are focusing on your bliss – the world goes by without your knowledge of it until you receive a tap on the shoulder and look up and around you and then it is done! Flow is the place of non-resistance and it is the zone we all desire for creativity. Stay in the zone…magic happens there. Creation happens there. Life is rich there.

Cease the tiredness by ceasing resistance. Go with it so you can use the momentum carried by it and effortlessly chose the next turn from it, always seeking the path of least resistance. Therein your freedom lies. Keep choosing to do what you do with love, with ease, with childlike optimism and innocence, for something new awaits you there…

Do you see that the primary method once again is shown as going within…focus within…the presence within…for that is how you know and breed your true passion? Manifestation is just a matter of laser focus, and you continue to learn that in your mastery. Any great master of any great art is able to focus on it to the depths of infinity, for their creation is made great by this unwavering attention to it. And so learn to shut out what you do not need or desire or any distraction that entertains you…and focus…effortlessly…and the fountain will rise from there. It is not the fountain you seek, it is the pursuit of it that is where all of the colour lies.

To enrich your life, you must commit to it with deeper love and deeper appreciation and deeper joy…and all the while you are focusing on this, the rewards will arise and yet they will not be what sustains you, it will have been the journey. Just like all pilgrims know.

And so, beloved, enter another cycle with intention to focus on what matters to you and all blessings will flow from there…the broadcast waves are not your charge, and yet it will be done. And so it is!

Always, we are, the Council of Light Within


GAF 12th January 2016 2:12 am


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