The Divine in Your Daily Life

Beloved ones, you gather once again to expand the consciousness of yourselves and consequently the entire human race.

Sounds monumental, but true! And so you too are monumental. This is the most important message at this time. You are magnificent. You are All That Is. Take this into your hearts and feel the truth of this. You are part of the energy that created everything and so you are the sea of everything - flowing inside of you...loving yourselves, being peace inside yourselves, confronting your own demons and growing beautiful landscapes and orchards and wildflower fields inside of you. You are everything. Most importantly, this includes the bad and the ugly all the disgusting aspects of humanity. This too has been your experience and your doing and all is well. It is the perfect course that has brought you to this moment, so embrace all of it as your own and love it anyway in any way (the only way) you can. This has been the story of your reunification with the divine. This has been the magnificent story of humankind and you are all soul-embodied expressions of this. If you only knew how courageous and extraordinary you are to have undertaken this assignment and are here in this moment, in consciousness, to celebrate it. Please honour yourselves as spiritual warriors - as human warriors - as the threads that reunite the most dense with the most divine - you are closing the circle!

Please do not fear what is taking place outside of yourselves. This is the creation being expressed as evidence of human failings of the past, and you are participating in the leading edge of creating the future from here on out. If you preoccupy yourselves with the story being shown on the illusion screen of today, then you will recreate the same reality, and this you know is not good work. The movies you see today were made a few years ago, and so this is true in human co-creation with God. You are the designers of the future. And yet you walk in two worlds. The one in which your collective consciousness has created in ignorance, and the one that is now being created in the consciousness of those alike to you on the planet and beyond. Think of your connection to your REAL family and it is so. Allow only so much of the "outer world" story to infiltrate your minds. Know that you will know what you need to know - but these "news reports" will come from inside you, not outside. Look to the signs outside as they are illuminated from within, not the other way around.

Remember that most of your work here in this life is to turn things inside out - this is the fun part of your awakening - things are really the opposite as they seem! Like the Wizard of Oz - you are not in Kansas anymore, and yet you never really left to begin with. Inside out! Ha! Part of the divine mystery - and of course - it will have an ironic twist as beautiful as Shakespeare! Hold the desires of your heart just there - like cards held close to your chest - and you know exactly what is in your hand. Your deepest feeling desires for peace, harmony, abundance, equality, and the reunification of the one heart-one mind. You came from One and you are returning to the One. You have separated into your ego selves and independent expression, and now will return to the sea of Oneness. It is blissful, but you must give up your childish ways! This is the most difficult part of your warriorship - you must now - like the musketeers and King Arthur's court - learn to act all for one and one for all! Your loyalty lies with the reunification to the divine. But what does this mean? This means quieting your own mind chatter and listening to your soul's wisdom. Have a burning intention to listen to your soul. Ask it to speak to you, to inspire you, to guide you and it will be so. And each person's own wisdom is expressly for them because we are all completing our own personal stories, and everything has purpose. So what is right for another is not right for you or another. This individual attention to soul is the unweaving of the tangles that reunite us to the source. If every tangled thread followed a collective voice we would only become more tangled up!

Know that you are protected. Know that you are loved and that all is well. Repeat ALL IS WELL to yourself when you begin to worry or fret or panic. All is well. Whatever plays itself out on the screen of life is part of the divine plan and the perfect course of humanity returning to the most divine expression of itself. This is the time referred to in Revelations as the "end times". It is the time when everything is coming to a head, to a final resolution. It is okay. It is as it should be. There will be many who will not continue in physical embodiment, but remember, there is no death in spirit, so it is important that you trust that each return to spirit is perfection and is celebrated on the other side. It is as it should be. The illusion of death is one of the last tests for the collective human consciousness to overcome. There has been much talk of resurrection and life after death and now is when the truth of this will be shown. You have agreed to be the spiritual warriors of your time and you do so with great courage and wisdom. Know that there is no task that is given unto you that you are not capable of accomplishing. Trust the hierarchy of support that is given each of us!

Bring the divine into your daily lives. By this we mean warriorship. Strength. Understanding. Heart. Devotion. Drive. Commitment. Celebration. Wisdom. Knowingness. Fortitude. Feelingness. Honouring. Toughness. Perseverance. Truly the attributes of the Knights of the Round Table. Warriors are not wimps, they are steadfast. Stalwart. Holders of truth. This is who you are - warriors of God. Find all that you can to appreciate. Love all that you can. This doesn't mean smothering love, it means the highest, unconditional love which is a "no matter what" non-judgmental love that just IS. Align yourself to the greater peace of unconditional love that loves way past error, judgement, deceit, greed, manipulation, shame, guilt, harming another, hatred, killing, starvation, poverty, sickness, death. Hold onto the love that permeates and supersedes all of these, and you will bring the divine into your every day life. All of these are present in each one of our stories, so the first and only place to begin is within. X-ray yourselves and see that you possess all of these and love through them into your pure self and this is what will then take place outside of you. Your universe is yourselves and each journey through each private universe affects the one manifested outside of you. Stop looking and focusing and fearing the outside, for you will just recreate it. When you look inside and do your repair work and love yourself through it all, then the outside will change and we will all be granted the success of the return of the Garden of Eden before the Fall.

Journey inside yourselves to find out as much as you can about yourself. Your story. Your heritage. Your journey. Your fears. Your joys. Your shames. Your loves. Who are you? How have you become the way that you are? What is your unique song? See the self in you that is shown to you by everything outside yourself. What you see and experience is yourself reflecting yourself, so look at it. Know it. Ask it to teach you more. Love it. Get upset at it. Understand it. You will fall in love with yourself and then all will fall in love. It is the only way. Outside is the path that got us in trouble in the first place, we must turn it inside out. So, do your laundry! Strip it, dip it, scrub it, clean it, hang it out to dry in the sunshine - all the while loving how it got that way in the first place. Perfection in action! Perfection in being and this is how you will become so. Don't dally, as there is urgency now, so begin today. What is your greatest shame? Name your shame and bring it up and come to terms with it and hang it out to dry in the sunshine. And tomorrow find another rock, stain, failure, misgiving, blemish. It is time for humanity to be unburdened by these weights, so start within and watch the transformation without. That is how you will witness your progress and celebrate your victories. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. With love and admiration for all that you do to serve the divine of your selves, we are your beloved guides and inspirators!

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

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