The Great Re-Evolution of Spirit

People believing they are small, or powerless, is the primary test of humanity. This is the great lesson of Earth School. As sparks of the Divine, we courageously agree to serve on this mission for a wide variety of reasons, but the overarching goal is to recognize our true greatness and serve each other. It is the definition of greatness that is the grand illusion. We think that it is external things, but that is the test: it is the opposite. The test is the external illusion of the game that seduces and lulls us into complacency to our real purpose and to believing that there is nothing else. When we tune into the truth of our hearts we know exactly what our purpose is, but then we get seduced by something shiny and are instantly distracted. It is easier to play small. It is safe and comfortable. It is our sugar.

And so the set up is this: we sign up for great purpose in coming to Earth and seem to start over in our physical experience and the great seduction begins again. It is a set up each time! We spend our primary focus on external accomplishments and school education serves our brains, but the most important yearnings of our hearts are mostly a secret, private venture not acknowledged enough by the outside world. We don’t even allow ourselves failures or imperfections, the open display of emotion or affection is controlled and those who express themselves with deep passion, emotion, creativity and innovation are special or unique and placed in a category. And that is all of our deepest desire to express and be unique and create something – anything, everything – that is of our spirits!

So we are participating in a great re-evolution of spirit. No longer will we be seduced by the illusion that we are small or insignificant. We will not believe what our critics say (there have been far too many), least of all the loudest one in our own heads that says we are not enough, that it is the “others” who will do something, who are special or who know the answer. We know, we have just believed otherwise for far too long. This has been such a great cause of dysfunction and grief and disappointment and disease and sadness and defeat and pathos…it is time to stop it all, and of course, that begins within. We stop the seduction of the outside world by choosing our internal one. Listen to the “still, small voice within” and decide to honour it. First by listening, then by acknowledging, then by acting on our own behalf, then by perseverance to keep doing it, then by allowing our dreams to boil up, and by discontinuing anything in our external world that does not support it, then by building what does and keep going…and…keep…going…until we live completely from this place. And when we are letting our internal light shine brighter and brighter, it is contagious to others and affects them without having to do a thing. As we get louder and louder and brighter and brighter, others are influenced and inspired and they begin to inquire. We first live by example and ultimately, we end up teaching and leading others. We think the backwards way that we have to change the world by external demonstration first, but it is actually from the inside out first…and then the external world effortlessly realigns to that consciousness. It is a law of quantum physics. Be the change. Inside out everyone, inside out!

This is the gift of enlightenment, when we have exhausted ourselves seeking externally and come to find our original, clear, wise, simple, extraordinary, creative, loving, compassionate, beautiful inner self that is the path to our Greater Selves, which is the path to the Divine and All That Is. And it is even closer than our own back yards…it is in here!

With loving compassion for the excruciating and miraculous journey of your life, we are

The Council of Light Within.



Peter fox 25th May 2015 8:53 am



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