The Great Recruitment Call

Beloved Ones,

You know to go within as often as possible. The more you begin to foster your inner relationship with yourself, with your Higher Self, with your REAL reality, the more you will be solid in your illusion! Keep reminding yourself that you are in a play and not to get caught in the drama of the latest act…this keeps you small and unusable by Spirit. Once you join the effluvia, then you are not the transformative Light of the Divine that can change all things.

You have already seen how people are getting triggered all over the place…people are really starting to spin out…so go within and stay calm and detached and keep holding the Light of peace and serenity all the while the storm brews around you. This is a very important role at this time, for the transformative winds are blowing, the ground is rocking, the anxiety is heightening. Breathe while all about you forget! Keep your sparkle while all about you are slinging mud. Calm, while all about you are screaming and gnashing their teeth. It’s okay. All is well. All is well. Be the calm one, be the kind one, be the clear one, be the one who speaks with peace.

Herein you are a Divine representative…for now you know what it meant when you were promised that the meek shall inherit the Earth. Stay chilled, stay confident, stay positive, stay holding the Light of truth that you have already come to know. Fewer words need to be spoken and deeper breaths need to be taken…and just hold it. Hold it. Hold it. And you know what “it” is! Neutrality, non-judgement, peace, trust, surrender, assistance, love, expanded consciousness…you know, all of your favourite subjects!

For now that you have exhausted yourself with the old way of control and manipulation and judgement and impatience and intolerance and frustration and chaos and rebellion and searching and craziness…you can look upon it coming from others with Great Love and understanding…and unconditionally allow them to spin off as they will…but hold the calm before them like an anchor post so they can recover quickly to your example, freely choosing your way. It is so much easier to make a decision when the option is before you.

So be the example, be the way shower, be the silent sage. It is your path of experience and wisdom attained that helps you not go back and helps you completely trust when the winds come up. You know that they will eventually cease, having strewn a few things around in the process, but created only superficial change. When the ground shakes, even the profound change is survivable…floods and fires and landslides are terrific alchemy, but our role is to continue - no matter what - to hold the Light of peace. Keep loving, when all about you cannot. Keep whispering when all about you scream. Walk calmly and gently upon the Earth, when all about you are running around like chickens. Notice nature, for it does not change its pace in the storm, it recovers in the same peace it began. If there are moments when you forget, look to nature, for you can always emulate the calm clouds, the supple leaf or the sparkling waters. Use its example to stay the course and abide its constancy.

Expand your compassionate heart as much as possible. Keep your heart open and flowing Love at all times, for the world needs this conduit. The world needs this peace and possibility. This calm. Your calm. Your heart. Your peace. Your trust. Your Love. Your grace. Flow it into the great chalice of life on Mother Earth, for it is such an important aspect of your service at this time…it is so needed, for remember that you are the Divine in action. It is your heart and eyes and hands and voice and love that are needed. Sign up today. The great recruitment is underway! You are already well qualified and the rewards are extensive…for they are Divine.

Do you know how the army promises that you will be fed and kept and educated and get to see the world? Well, this is the free-will recruitment call for God’s army, the best force for peace there is. The Great Uncle wants YOU. Sign up today.

And so with deep affection and constant support, we hold the Light of peace for you, that you may agree to join us in our supreme effort to love all life free.

We are,

Your Fellow Soldiers of the Light


spring 11th October 2009 3:02 am

Ahhhh hot chocolate for the soul -- ok. I'm up for it if I can stop my knees from atrembling :)
Thanks Rebecca, your posts are always so full of loving energy... bounces right off the screen and into my heart x

mifasolasi 12th October 2009 4:49 pm

:smitten: so balancing and encouraging message.. :angel: thank you All :smitten:


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