The Most Beautiful Story Never Written

Beloved Ones,

You know that you are not alone, nor is this concept even possible outside the illusion of the 3D world. It is impossibility. And so this is very important to remember during these times that so easily cast doubt and fear. You know that it is the realm of illusion that holds the great fears that bind you: lack, suffering, solitude, disease and even death. These are not living in the realm of truth! So do not let them live within you, for they keep you small and locked in a self-imposed prison that holds the sting of deceit from the collective consciousness that it is true when it is not!

You see, it is like living in a cartoon that was created by a limited consciousness and after a while (like a soap opera) there is only so much story that can be told within that framework…and the characters get bored with themselves and begin to awaken to the truth that there is more outside their boxes. Not only is there a Greater Truth, but the part of them that is awakening is more true than the script they have been playing out! It feels like betrayal, but it is actually the beautiful birth that all have been waiting for – the most miraculous twist in the plot! Not only do the characters figure out that the drama isn’t true and the script is old and limited, but – right in the midst of a great climax in the story – they realize that they are the creators of the story and so, thinking on their feet in each moment, they are collectively able to “play” themselves out of the drama by each expressing their own truth being born in their hearts while acting in the best interests of the whole. Hmmmm…sound familiar?!

It is the most beautiful plot there is – the reality born from a play within a play within a play! The playwright incorporates the actors’ remembrance that they are the original play writer and the story turns back around again. (Or full circle to begin again in the minds of the actors who begin to write about the playwright!) And yet the story does not end there, for it is just being written by the actors at this very moment for, having been everything in every twist of every prior plot, they can chose which aspects and more, they will keep in the new creation.

And so, your role is to pay attention to the yearnings of your heart that sort what is real and what is not, and just keep choosing! Stay still and know that the truth is always held in the light of your heart, and that every choice you make frees you from the illusion to work you and your compadres out of the old story and into the new self-created beautiful world! There is no greater outcome, no greater role than the one you are playing at this now moment. The role that brings you to your authentic self and your authentic expression for all. The victory will be yours; the highest outcome is possible, just pay attention to every choice in every moment, for it is creating the new. This is the Great Escape, or better named, the Great Awakening! So know that while the outcome is assured, the turn of the big dramatic plot is unfolding now, so be sure you do not get caught in it by believing it is the truth. Begin to make your changes in the story now…and it will become you!

Send light to the fall, not for the fall which is already well fueled, but for those who do not understand this perfect twist in the plot. Send love to your brothers and sisters who are still caught in the drama, for you well know its pain…you have just become aware sooner of its purpose, that’s all. Forgive and bless, forgive and bless. Love is always the solution, no matter what the problem, so throw love at it. Don’t get caught in it. Make sure that your quiet moments are secure in the truth so that your public conversation does not act out the old drama. Trust and know that all is well. You are never alone, nor could not be if you tried! Know that you are always taken care of perfectly, and this will be so. Know that this is the twist in the plot that you have been waiting for, so watch it with compassion for those playing it out, and hold still – hold true – to your awakened purpose in creating the new world in every now moment. And the moment is now. The answer to external chaos is to deepen your internal resolve. Do that now.

You have awakened to the truth. You know you are supported. You know that you are creators and you know the story that you wish to unfold. Make it so.

The serious aspect of this is the urgency of the moment. Before you were given reprieve and now the time that you have perfectly trained for is here. Keep your mind, your heart open and your intent clear. Do not, for a moment, forget who you are and what you are here to accomplish. It is the most beautiful story never written!

With abiding love and support and belief in all that is possible, we are

The Council of Light that is Within



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.