The Party Going On - Solstice Full Moon

Greetings Beloved Ones,

Indeed, it is the time of the solstice full moon when you feel about you the expanded presence of the higher realms and the supercharged particles of light explode around you like effervescence. There is magic in the air!

What a time of great rejoicing and excitement in anticipation of this celebration of light. It is the time of greater awakening, of opening up, of receptivity, and this is all that is asked of you at this time. The more receptive you are and the more filled with presence, the more filled with The Presence you will be! You know the feeling of excitement before a happy event like a wedding or a birth or a celebration filled with love? That is the energy in the air...excited expectation of love is a great way to describe it...just fill yourselves with this readiness, for it is just this. In this open, joyous anticipation, you will draw unto you the new, higher vibrating light that is filled with the gold dust magic of the new. Expect miracles. Expect expansion. Expect greater light in your life!

We are aware that this creates an antithesis, a seeming contradiction to what is being experienced in your everyday lives and through the channels of the media. Learn to see with many eyes and to hear with many ears and to feel on many levels. Yes, this is true, but this is the Greater Truth. Do whatever you can to recalibrate to the Greater Truth of Light. When another would say this is lofty, reply, "Yes - that is my focus!" Always reaching for the higher place, always anchoring greater light, always reaching for the greater possibility, for this keeps you riding on the crest of creation, of evolution into what is greater. Remember that the pain of what is being experienced now comes from the miscreations of human endeavour of the past, and you, while making the choice in every now moment, are the creators of the golden future. Stay the course.

Have the ability to express neutral compassion for when you, or your brothers and sisters, experience the undertow of the miscreations, and keep ensuring that you ride the crest of the wave of creating higher outcomes filled with love and peace and community and support and vitality and creativity and connection and all the attributes that the truth of your heart desires. Remember, that things are speeding up now, and as the evolution of consciousness intensifies, the more you focus on what you are creating and not what is burning off from the old, the more clearly and the more quickly you create the new. A spider does not consider what just created havoc in his previous web - he just sets about spinning the new one, and he does so with extraordinary energy, efficiency and creativity. And the new web is more refined in every way.

This time of light is a time of rejuvenation, of recharging your batteries. Take time to celebrate and rejoice in the uplifting of spirits. Lighten up. Acknowledge your diligence and give yourself credit and appreciation for all that you have accomplished to now. Stop and smell the roses. Stop to appreciate the beauty and majesty that is present in your lives. This presence of appreciation will naturally expand and connect with the new that you are creating. Gratitude is like glue that with each "thank you" there is a sorting out, a reaffirmation of "I choose that" and more is drawn unto you that is like it. Pretty soon you have a basket filled with beautiful flowers.

Expect that this full moon and summer solstice will expand you more deeply in all directions: into the sub and super conscious, greater expressions of your masculine and feminine nature, bring greater insight to all eight of your senses, connect you more intimately with the presence of Mother Earth and the majesty of Father Sky. Remember that with all expansion comes the falling away of what constrains it, so do not get caught up in re-experiencing or re-gathering what has been taken from its path. Focus on what you are creating, not what is crumbling. Remember: neutral compassion. And this is especially important for what is in your personal experience. Witness and bless. Witness and bless. Witness and bless.

We join with you in celebrations of light at this time - whether summer or winter solstice - for it is by this light that you are united, and by this light that you have created all that is on its way to you. What a glorious time to rejoice in all that is good and all that is true.

Don't give up - for while it appears that you are on a solitary path, you are supported by reams of fellow beings of light on all around you. If you do nothing else at this time of celebration, remember the unseen party that is going on everywhere!

In this, we join you in all ways on all days,

The Council of Light that is Within


Denise Henderson 18th June 2008 12:05 pm

Hi Rebecca,

What a fabulous message! I could feel and connect with the energy of the message, even just reading it. Great to see your channellings on such a broad venue. I look forward to integrating and reminding myself of all the summer solstice stands to offer us if we open up and connect with it. I'll definitely review and honor the message during our own Summer Solstice celebration.


Rebecca 18th June 2008 3:26 pm

Thanks so much, Denise! What an awesome time for us to all be in this together as our community keeps expanding...what a great feeling it is to know that you are there and we all join on the Great Web of Light in our solstice matter where we are! Lots of love, Rebecca

Mariù 20th June 2008 10:52 am

Focus on what you are creating, not what is crumbling

Thank you for it!


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