The Simple Message of Wesak

Beloved ones, what an extraordinary day it is, filled with pregnant anticipation of great things! All days are like this, but this day many join in unified focus for a common goal, and this brings great, magnified possibility. There is the most beautiful energized field of light surrounding the planet at this time; we wish you could see it! For all of the seeming gloom in your constructed world, the energetic world of support through Universal Love is the most grand, magnificent presence and it is here to assist you right now. All you need do is become the same energy and the power of this great transformative light is made manifest deep into the Earthly plane of consciousness. Understand what we mean? The fields exist “out there” and “in here”; they just need to line up to expand.

And so what does this mean for your everyday life? It means a deeper, refined commitment to your Greater Self that is inextricably linked to the Greater Cause and expresses itself in expanded human experience as: true freedom, increased use of all human faculties, endless abundance, deeper sense of individual purpose and its interconnectedness with universal purpose, living brotherly love, harmonious interaction with all life forms, expression of divine solutions to Earthly life, the presence of the Greater Love at all times, etc., etc. When this becomes an unwavering expression in the hearts of those who know it is their purpose, it will mushroom in the hearts of many and then all. So when you are working on healing your own wounds, so you heal the wounds of all. When you intend to purify, you purify all. When you then express Love as your only radiance, so it becomes for all. When you recognize your True Magnificence, so it becomes possible for all.

In this way, the message of Wesak, is just this:

Know that you are a divine expression of perfection on Earth. It is your becoming of this truth that is the great transformation of the Earth, also called the birth of the New Age, the Ascension, the Age of Enlightenment, the Golden Age, the Thousand Years of Peace, the Age of Aquarius… As you begin to experience greater joy and peace and love and abundance and harmony and miracles and perfection in your lives, so will others. So will your brothers and sisters known and unknown. So will the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom…the earth, the air, the fire, the water and the ethers. For it is through you that it is done, through you that peace comes, through you that love shines, through you that Heaven on Earth is created. Focus only on this. Know that you are assisted in as yet unimaginable ways and know that your efforts are secure in success. Do not waiver, do not conceive that you could falter and keep on keeping on. It is done and so it is!

Allow the magnitude of this Wesak Full Moon amplify your efforts and rejuvenate your spirit!  We join you both at the altar of commitment and at the fire circle of celebration as you dance yourselves to freedom!

We are with you all the way,

The Council of Light that is Within Everyone


k 10th May 2009 8:49 pm

The battle with the ego, and letting go of attachments and distractions to surrender then total commitment and devotion, the only way out of the Dark Night of the Soul to the euphoria. It is a bitch getting through it. But, I was reminded today that it is like the tales of the hero venturing out on a quest, the monsters and evil to be fought with are the parts of ourselves that get in the way of our achieving VICTORY (becoming masters of ourselves).

Mys. Terious 28th April 2010 12:52 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

angelika 30th April 2010 3:37 am

Lovely message. A good reminder too that the work we're doing on ourself helps others too. My ego struggles with that sometimes, but mostly I just wish to live in a peaceful and harmonious world. I'm tired of the 'fight'.

I can also feel that we'll succeed, no doubt what soever.

Love & Blessings, Angelika


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