The True Contagion

Hold firm, no matter what. By this we mean to hold your centre above all else. It is a time of radical change on the surface…so think of yourself like our Beloved Mother Earth, strong and yet ever-changing, even with molten lava coursing around in your veins…stay the course!

This is the time that you have all been preparing for where your inner relationship is solid and always the first, middle and last place you go for strength. For, as you know, this is all there is! Breathe in peace and breathe out Love. Manufacture enough calm to share. As much as you can, sprinkle fairy dust, send prayers of light and peace and goodwill to all, be peace so that peace is contagious in your experience.

People are scared and easy to lose hope. They don’t understand what you do, so they perceive that the world is tightening – constricting in every way they can conjure – health, finances, relationships, education, politics, ecology... You understand that all must transmute in order to transform, so be the wise peace that passes all understanding for all about you. Walk like Christ, reassuring all about you that All is Well. All is Well. All is Well. Things are not as they seem and the sun always rises again. Keep rejoicing in the dawn of new light, morning dew, freshness of a new beginning even though all about you may appear bleak…it is from your consciousness that the new is born, so focus on creating paradise, not the decay of former miscreation.

Be the sculptor that creates beauty out of waste or a garden out of compost! Be the one who doesn’t allow squalor in mind, body or spirit…be the builder of new form, the magician, the alchemist, the sculptor, the priest/ess, the sage, the Merlin, the fairy, the wizard, the creator. You are the solution, not the perpetuator of the problem! Be the hope that others fail to see, be the peace that chaos deceives, be the Love that others receive. You will change the world one moment at a time, one breath, one speck of peace, one gesture at a time. And so having eradicated all that you no longer desire from your own life, you can be the example that others seek, the Love that is lost and the peace that is contagious. When all about you is spinning around, you are the grace that others have found. So share it.

Remember what they taught you when you were three? Share all of the goodness that you are and you will be amazed just how influential, powerful and graceful you are, now acting as an agent for the Divine. This is the possible mission, so should you choose to accept it, every day…you will do what it is that you came to do, which is to embody the Creator that you are and change the world, one breath, one thought, one gesture, one hope, one charge at a time. Each one of your Earthly moments will be the purpose that you came to fulfill, for you are the Masters. You are the solution. You are the inspiration for the world.

We know this is no small task, but the outcome is guaranteed, and this is why you have realms of support, for you are transforming a mound of garbage into a beautiful, verdant garden! You will not believe how transformed you will be by this unified act of Love and devotion to yourselves and to the benefit and upliftment of All. You will prove to yourselves and to each other that Love really is all there is!

And so, beloved ones, clean it up. Big deep breath, roll up your sleeves, blast the music and get to work doing what you came here to do! Before you know it, there will be a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and result. Let the true contagion begin.

We are cheering you on all the way,

The Council of Light That is Within


Luiz 10th November 2009 1:17 pm

We can only succeed with such love and support from Spirit.
These messages are the blessings that we need...

Luiz/New York

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.

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