The True Meaning of Solstice

Solstice…such a powerful opportunity for change. It is like the moment the hands of the clock tip over the top and in one moment the fullness births a new cycle. The tipping point. And why does this matter? Of course, it is consciousness that matters and being aware of it allows you to move through your own patterns and cycles and moments, aware that you are cycling into the new…ever evolving, ever moving into greater expansion and expression. So you are at once aware of the greater perspective while learning to experience the fullness of the now moment, for there is nothing else. Such a beautiful paradox. It is here that you begin to breathe with the entire universe. You are all and nothing; you are eternal and ephemeral; you are the inbreath and the outbreath. And solstice is the fulcrum point between the two, the still point pregnant with now. All you need do is align to it so that you are consciously present within it, for it is the greatest expansion of you. Reading these words with your mind will mean nothing, but you know in your deepest recesses the truth of this. Go there.

And so if you have the ability to know this moment, then you have the absolute courage to deal with everything that comes at you. Hold the moment, for in this place you are experiencing your most boundless expression of All That Is. Lock it in. And now take it with you wherever you go. The grocery store needs more of this, and your workplace and the malls and especially your family table. You are the place where there are no boundaries, no explanations, no needs, no obligations, no sweat. Remember that when the external shifts are hitting the fan. Remember this when you are tempted to contract into smallness thinking that is the only way out. The rabbit hole is great for security and adventure, but it is not the solution for evolution. Everything-nothingness is. Live from there.

You are already at peace. You are already wise and full of grace. You are omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. It is only your survival mechanisms that tell you otherwise, so thank them for protecting you in your small moments. But you’ve got this now. You are it. You are what you have been looking for. You are as much as He and more. This is the second coming of The Christ…in you. It isn’t coming outside, it is coming from in here. It is here. You know this. You’ve got this. The time is now – here – at the tipping point where you can choose – again – another cycle of evolution into the higher, greater, fuller, deeper, brighter expression of YOU. Accept this mission now. Transfigure now.

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with you. May the eternal light be known within you this new moon solstice, this Christmas, this new year.

Blessings abound; take stock of them. They are contagious, so help your brethren know them too.

Beloved you are as you come to know the Council of Light Within at this magical time of year.



Peter fox 20th December 2014 5:38 am

Wonderful,magical message Rebecca- Thank you! Have a wonderful
Christmas and New Year.


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