The Way to Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom is always present; it is for you to allow it. It is like following the stream of life and the water in the stream is the emotion – the sensory system – with which you navigate the waterways. There are times when the water is calm, times when there is turbulence and debris in the water, times when there is flooding, and times when rage appears. It is most important to stay with the truth of what is occurring in the stream. Too often, by the nature of sudden change in the water, you jump out. You get caught up in it; you create undue turmoil. The most beautiful aspect of the human emotional system is to be in it. Experience it fully. Do not ignore or exaggerate it. Just be with the purity of your inner emotional language and learn – time after time – to be in it and express it as honestly as possible. This, of course, draws up the question of honesty…and this means what is true for you.

And so you begin like a child to experience joy and pain and impatience and distaste and frustration…and these emotions continue to play into a complex symphony of experience. It is the beauty of life! It is how you feel that is your GPS system; it is the primary informant in your sensory experience of life. The errors come when you begin to complicate them by bleeding one emotion into the next or replace one falsely over top of the true emotion or when you ignore them or shut them out. All of this causes shorts in your system or miswiring that continues until corrected. So to find emotional freedom you must return to the original, honest emotion. It can be like untangling a ball of yarn, but once complete, there is beautiful clarity and simplicity. Honour each emotion like a separate note on the keyboard. They can play together and in discerning each one, it is possible to find the melody out of the chaos.

These metaphors are not to belittle the extraordinary power of emotions, for they help bring colour and meaning to your life. What is hard for you to believe is that all emotions are just as important and just as beautiful, whether positive or negative! Sometimes sadness brings greater love and meaning and understanding than any act of joy. Grief opens the heart in magnificent ways and joins many in compassionate understanding and unconditional love. Impatience breads tolerance and yearning fuels desire.

So, in order to understand the noise, begin to discern each individual note. By returning to the basics, you can untie the old knots with forgiveness and begin to make extraordinary new music with an understanding of each pure expression as it harmonizes with the others. Emotion is not a dirty word. It is “energy in motion” and is the music of your life. Learn to appreciate each beautiful note and return to the basics as often as possible. Then you can BE angry and BE sad and BE exhilarated and BE mischievous…at once the being and the observer. The being is busy experiencing and the observer is the sorter, the conductor, the master. You have the ability to do both, and this is the key to emotional freedom.

Enjoy every minute, every note and every beautiful symphony!

In delirious gladness, we are

The Council of Light that is Within


Rainbow Warrior 29th March 2009 8:11 pm

My heart is so open to the many different notes, I have started my own band.
Thank you.


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