There is No Death: Only Love

Do not fear death, yours or another’s. It is important not to taint your exuberance of living with constraints of any kind, let alone by the grand illusion of death. You will be amazed at how ridiculous it is with greater perspective. And yet, we know that your brain is trying to prepare you for something that your heart well understands. It is like an over-protective parent that means well, but restrains unnecessarily. Thank it, and go on with the business of your heart. 

We understand that it is easy to be concerned about loss, but the comings and goings of life are constant. Your acceptance of them all will ease your constraint. One must learn to flow from moment to moment with the ease and grace of complete trust and surrender. This is the path of the master, or shall we say the path of your mastery? Acceptance, surrender, trust. These are all attributes of one who understands and lives within the greater understanding of expanded living. Once those surly bonds of fear are cast, freedom is the reward. We promise. And so breathe yourself into each moment, trusting that all is always well and that your perception of loss is just that: one perception, and a limited one at that. Love never dies, Love always expands, Love is never replaced or dissolved or surrendered. Love is. LOVE IS. We would shout even louder if we could! Live from there. When we Love, it is the currency, the fuel, the energy, of all that sustains us and all that we are. You are that and all that you Love is that and all that is ALL THAT IS. Living from the place of awareness of this is your primary purpose, your primary pleasure, your primary reward – although it would only be called all of that here on Earth. It is far more, of course, all that is-ness. Death is one of the most powerful ways to come to know this, and that is its purpose. The great mystery is not a mystery once revealed and you will not know it until it becomes you, great mystery that it is (not!). Mysteries are like this, turned inside themselves. It is their definition. The answer is to keep loving, keep appreciating, keep honouring and expanding. It does not mean to restrain yourself from loving again or more or to place your expansive heart into limited material expression either. The loved one is not in the box, for what we speak of is way out of the box. It is important for you to remember this. Love cannot be materialized. The material expression is there to remind you of the more important non-physical aspect of your experience. No need to question it. It just IS.

And so how does this change how you are today? It lightens your load, in fact, it has the possibility of removing it all together, if you will let it. All loads are weighted by your over-active, over-protective parent mind and you have every power to correct it. Another great mystery solved by turning things inside out and upside down! (Just wait until you learn more…) So, the message is to get control of your mind. Buddha was right, it is the cause of all suffering. It does not mean you are not to use it to discern or analyze or inform, but it is not the primary receptor. It is the heart. Your mind knows this, but would prefer you to think it is in charge. It is the thinker in miraculous small ways…the great mind surrenders to the Divine Mind. Learn, at every turn to do that…by intending that your greatest wisdom comes from there (not in here!). Once aligned with the Divine Mind, things will be so much easier, so much more fluent and peaceful. Try it – you’ll like it!

Can you tell how your fear has already subsided just from hearing these words? That is the best barometer of all – how it makes you feel. Be at peace with all that is going on in your life – choose it. Choose peace as your ally. Peace in decision-making, peace in financial matters, peace in the future at it comes to you in the now moment, peace in all that you have done in the past. Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of being. It will make a profound difference in how you move through your experience and will be contagious to others. Stand in peace. Commit to peace. Be aware of all things that take you from this commitment including judgement, worry, fear, resistance, constraint, limitation, hiding, avoidance, manipulation, deceit, guilt, shame…even this sentence is heavy. Choose lightness of being, it is yours for the taking – it is free of charge and it is always the best solution. It doesn’t mean carefree or careless, it means a choice to be light within yourself about all things, even in matters that you deem weighty like sickness and death. As long as Love is present – which is a given because that is who you are – then all is well.

All is always well, have you noticed? It is your limited perception that tells you otherwise. Go big. Live big. It is who you are.

With loving blessings, we are here with you through your perceived thick and thin, especially to remind you that there is no death – only Love.  Love is all there is.

The Council of Light Within


LordJesusChrist 7th February 2015 3:51 am

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Rebecca & the Council of Light! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:

keryndawer 8th February 2015 9:16 am

Yes, Thank You so much Rebecca and Council of Light. It is indeed a beautiful and wondrous experience to truly be a Light Being, living with the knowing that there is no death and All is Love...especially after so many years living in fear of death.

All is Good. All is Well. All is Love :)

Blessings All xoxo


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