Think Above It

There are so many subjects that can be addressed at this time, but the most important of all is the cessation of inner turmoil to hold the light of peace within you. The peace is there, it is just rattled by the constant barrage of fret and worry and malcontent and false purpose and panic and judgement and hopelessness, so just stop it. Stop the chatter that hurts. Stop the thoughts that feed pessimism and doubt. There is so much more to life than this ridiculous, purposeless focus. Really.

Make a conscious, deliberate, convicted, determined, calculated, forceful, focused commitment to stop allowing your little mind to control you and to live fully in the Great Mind that knows peaceful resolve to all dysfunction by thinking above it. Yes! Remember the wisdom of raising the mind’s capabilities to solve the old problems? This is true. The solutions are a product of higher thinking as they could be indirectly resolved or dissolved. Imagine setting out on a sailing voyage fearing that the abyss could arrive anytime off of the flat Earth? Or spending futile years fixing typewriters with computers on their way? Learning to navigate with a sextant when GPS satellites are being launched? You need not know the full expression of the new, but your willingness to expand your consciousness, your trust that it is on its way and your complete faith that you are safe and an integral part of the new are all essential attributes. All is well. Hold the intent to focus your mind on the extraordinary wave of new, higher, expanded, bright, resilient, amazing, light of pure potentiality that is present and you will not be left driving a Model T when teleportation is at hand!

You have already experienced mind-blowing change in your life, so you are well-schooled for this. Prepare for more by being in excited anticipation, not the old way of fear, dread and entrenchment. Do you really want to be hiding in a bunker when a universe-busting experience arrives? This is why fairy tales are so important when we are young, because they remind us of what is really possible if we just stay in our original expanded consciousness. It was the grown-ups, especially our inner “grown up” that put us in the bunker. Who says monkeys can’t fly and rabbit holes aren’t that deep and brick walls aren’t portals?!

The magical world exists in expanded consciousness and if we all continue to hold our focus beyond what is, to the infinite possibility above it, the resolutions will manifest, we will be driven to participate in the new creations and the paradise we all desire will be so. So return to the turmoil in your belly and realize it is just a result of threats from the bunker and stop it. Rise up to the light of a new day. Like a child, celebrate what is to come in anxious anticipation. (My great-grandfather used to pray for all of the unborn children, something I thought was mysterious and even a little creepy, but now I understand how beautiful that is.)

Hold the light of possibility within you. It is a big giant step up from hope. You are the birth of the future child. You are the light of the world. Yes, it is you who are the truth, the light and the way! It is everyone. There is no room now for emanating less than this. For as much as you know now, you know it is through your consciousness that the New World is being birthed and you can’t do this from a windowless bunker.

Whatever it is that taunts you, think above it. Whatever fear is in your belly, stop it and think above it. You are safe and all is well.

Be the peace.



mikkilana 27th September 2010 12:11 pm

So true...something so changing and crazy is happening to me that I always wanted but never figured would be able to happen. I see people die all the time, never expanding much on their perceptions or how they 'do things'. I've wanted a 180 degree turn around since childhood but not really been able to define that turnaround. I figured out it is not posessions, more money or anything materialistic actually for me. Those things seem after thoughts to any changes I do have. The 'big' one seems to be in the works now. Maybe I am near to something resembling a true lasting peace and self esteem and confidence. Those latter being the key issues! How to get more of them? I found life does it at its own pace. NOw my pace includes deep level extraction of old shame and guilt I have come to know as reasonable ways to live and things to just handle. They are going away, but at excruciating cost and very difficult scenarios that make me want to vomit at what my life brings me. I think I am pulling through a horrible tunnel right now, maybe this week. Feel love, sometimes. It IS there 27th September 2010 6:03 pm

Thank you Rebecca. Boy did I ever need to hear that. And exactly the way you said it. I too am getting caught up in all the craziness out there and forgetting what I knew. I have literally been overwhelmed by the tenseness in my body and was allowing it to get the better of my mind. But I know better. Thank you for the curt reminder. As always everything was in divine timing and this message was divinely timed for me to hear this.


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