Think Translucently

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light, we are honoured to work with you and to inspire you to see farther and soar higher! You need only ask, and it is given. Knock and the door is opened. You ARE the light, you ARE the wisdom, you ARE the ascension in living action. You ARE creating the perfection of the universe in every now moment, so this is the place that you need focus upon. Now. It is the doorway to the divine truth of this time and the doorway through which the future unfolds and the past is left behind. (This is the door that no one can shut!) This is the "line" of all time and no time. It is the moment in this NOW.

So this means that every thought and every action is a creator of form and all thought is manifest in each now moment. So. Stop for a moment in all moments and praise the Light of God as it descends and ascends into the Now. You are the receptors of this Light, you are the beacons of this radiance. It is only for you to continue in pure desire for highest consciousness, for the brightest Light, for the most powerful radiance, to shine through you. Every moment, every aspect of your being, devote your life to this expansion and it is so. It is only for the majority to shine like this, and it will ignite, it is contagious, it will combust and consume all others. Love. Love. Love. Love. It is the most powerful concept and energy and presence and beingness and expression and isness there is. Love. Thoughts only of the brightest, biggest, most sacred, expansive Love will combust as we desire, but this is a real challenge to hold in every now moment. If you could do such in your present dimension, you would become so. An expansive explosion of the brightest Love you could never imagine from your present point-of-view.

What a moment you are in! The triad of Elohim Gateways opened before, during and after the Twelve Days of Christmas, the turn of the new mastery year 2002, the greatest planetary infusion of Light as ever before, the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City (USA) begin on February 8th, and also comes the day on which you celebrate Love, St. Valentine's Day. Rejoice, dance and sing - celebrate everything! Do not be seduced by illusion of the "firing off" of the outmoded ways of being. Do not be saddened by the instances of human suffering. Compassion, yes - saddened, no. Like water off a duck's back, only that which is of the greatest goal, the highest goal in the centre of the tube of light is to occupy your attention, and all else doesn't "stick". Focus on all that is good and perfect and harmonious and peaceful and brotherly and unifying and glorious and expansive and beautiful. For this is all that is. All that is of the All That Is. The best way you can know it in your current form is through the glorious feeling of LOVE. But the "Big Love" is all-pervasive, all-knowing and all encompassing. There is no separation. This Love is contagious if you think upon it and chose to dive into it with the abandoned passion of a child. Just jump! God will catch you, for the love of God always catches you. There are no bumps and bruises in the House of God and no shadows in the Light of God.

Think translucently - literally meaning "across the light" - that all is Light shining through Light and all form is created from Light. You are doing the reverse. You are creating out of dense form, through thought form, the return to Pure Light. This is the return of the fullest expression to God - to return home - to find our way in the darkness - to return to the non-form of Pure Light. Jump, and you will be caught. Love so deeply and so purely that it is less a jump than a pull - the only answer to the divine urge to return home. The glorious, extraordinary truth is that you will go nowhere ("now here"), and yet everywhere will manifest in you that you may shine the Pure Light of the Divine in your here and now and Heaven will come to you! It is the ultimate goal of the individual embraced into the collective - we reach our individual hands out to hold the hands of our brothers and sisters and the circuitry is complete. All God asked is that we act as electricians to ignite our hearts and minds and connect with those who have their circuits prepared, that the Light of the World may be lit.

Did you notice the multitude of beautiful Christmas lights this year - so prevalent that they could link, house to house and heart to heart? The circuitry of the Great White Light needs connecting thus.

"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!"

Now all you need do is allow your circuits to connect in the Loving Light of God among you, and it is so. It is as silent and as powerful and as extraordinary as plugging in your strings of lights.

We love you and join with you in flipping the switch!

Adonai, brothers and sisters of the Light. We are always with you in God.

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.


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