Unclench Your Teeth

Can you feel the buzz, the hum, the charge of the new energies? The challenge is that it feels way more like an electrocution than the trickle of serene waters! But no need to white-knuckle it as you have been feeling. It’s okay – breathe all the way in. It is a conscious effort now to not experience resistance in your body to these powerful influxes of light, a bit like trying to be porous in a gale. It hurts. So be like the water that flows around the rock in the river – do not resist – just flow around to find the path of least resistance. Consider yourself like water, like air, like fluid movement. The best thing to do is to move like an amoeba to flex and flow as required. It is far too painful otherwise because every single cell is receiving new information during this most major of reconstructions! 

All the rules that you already know apply, it is just that when you are morphing in pain, it is easy to forget. Drink lots of pure water, move to accommodate the contractions, keep a light and positive intent (heavy breeds heavy) and allow the majesty of Mother Earth’s nature to soothe you. Rest and be gentle as much as necessary and relish in simplicity. We really don’t need very much. Gentle grace. Peaceful heart. Kind thoughts. Many, many big giant deep breaths to cleanse, purify, relax, detox and just plain old calm you down from hyperventilating! Ease the stress on your back and unclench your teeth and flex your joints. Roller coaster rides can be way more fun with a deep breath and your hands in the air than all tensed up and screaming with your eyes closed for the duration.

So check in right now and see what’s gripping you. Breathe. Oh yeah, just because you are in the middle of three eclipses, major planetary alignments, and the largest solar flare in recorded history in the drum roll to a full moon…do your best to breathe rather than scream. Sometimes all you can do is scream, but don’t hurt yourself or anyone else in the process. Put your own oxygen mask on before trying to help others. Remember the brace position. As much as possible, find yourself in nature or connecting to the constancy of nature. It knows exactly how to handle this, so go with its flow. Non-resistance. Non-attachment. Non-judgement. Allow. Innocent perception. It can be a real effort to look upon it all with innocent eyes when you feel more exhausted, beat up, jaded, defeated and plain old pooped than ever before, but by this time you should all be experts at coming to the end of your ropes to begin again. We seem to always choose the hard way. Oh well, go with it.

And so you have finally peeled your fingernails from your palms and unclenched your teeth – now what?  Continue to hang loose as best you can, for there are more waves to come. Keep your mantra going: “Release, allow, rejuvenate…release, allow, rejuvenate…” Then before you know it, you will be wiping your eyes clear and feeling the warm light on your skin. But not much else can be said about relief while you are still in the excruciating birth canal except “this too shall pass”.  Thank God!

This “screaming and gnashing of the teeth” stage can pass without causing you or others undue pain and especially because you know better, it is important to do your best to contribute only peace and upliftment, for the others don’t understand what you do - and they will likely be screaming. Chill so that others can chill. There are fewer words to describe what’s happening now, that have not been said for years in preparation. So stay with the simple concepts of “chillax” and love! Just stay in these intentions - and unlock your jaw. Enlightenment doesn’t arise from grinding your teeth. Too bad, for we’d all be hovering Buddhas by now!

Hold kindness in all that you do, even if this is all you can do. Intend to be graceful during these times and it can be a love gauntlet instead of the old off-with-your-head one. It’s okay not to think and to just let your heart guide you now. Thinking hurts anyway…so go the other way.

In peace and tranquility, we are

The Council of Light Within You



COBALT 13th June 2011 2:29 pm


SpiritHeart 13th June 2011 4:28 pm

"...Enlightenment doesn’t arise from grinding your teeth. Too bad, for we’d all be hovering Buddhas by now!"


Thank you for a morning heart lifter. A wonderful post. Thank you kindly for writing this fabulous post.

Love and light

JoWizard 19th June 2011 1:06 am

It ALWAYS feels better to know that others are experiencing it too, and I'm not alone. This is perfect for me, thank-you SO much. :smitten:


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