Unified Intention - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Beloved Ones, It is always a delight to be with you in this way. There is always much to say in earnestness about these extraordinary times. You are certainly aware of their intensity and validity, but ours is the focus to assisting you in making a harmonious, conscious transition into the New World. _decode_entities("", "lt", "<", $newtable, $exclude)--break-_decode_entities("", "gt", ">", $newtable, $exclude)For the secret to this is just that: for you to consciously participate as creators of the new, harmonious world and so all of your efforts are about awareness at all times of your state of being with the intention of harmoniously creating a New World that takes all of the miraculous goodness and makes it even better.

For this is the opportunity of conscious creation to overcome, supersede, improve on the past to return to the original state of pure potentiality that exists without the need for duality to define it. And so it is important to live with the intention of rising above what is by allowing it to just be what it is and loving the miraculous nature of all of it. In this way, you will create more, and by your intention of creating higher vibration experience, you will. And so it is done, by each heart aspiring and each mind focusing and each being contributing to the oneness of all. On one hand it is the most miraculously simple aspect of quantum physics and yet each one must come to this intention on their own, determined by the gift of free will. Isn’t this the most beautiful design of all?! And you signed up to be part of it!

So by the power of our collective consciousness, we all have been scattered like separated particles and by our own free will, begin to gather around a focal point of commonality to experience the awesome beauty of reconfiguration into a newfound whole. How is this accomplished? By our unified intention to do so. This universal unification takes place through the consciousness of the multitude of beings that now look, sound, think and speak differently – each one! – and yet, each heart yearns for the same outcome. Among all of the differences in beings separated from the original whole, what unifies them is the growing desire in each heart to know peace, love and belonging. And so we ask you, all who read this, to join in a unified effort to draw a single focus upon the Earth. This focus is drawn by a single invocation, that all share:

We are joined together by the light of our hearts for the purposes of uniting all beings in love, peace and abundance for all. We live in harmony with our planet, including the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether, and are humbled by the magnificence of the unseen world as it becomes part of our common experience. 

The plant, mineral, devic and animal kingdoms are cherished and symbiotic in our lives. We honour each for their unique differences and yet celebrate the harmonic whole of all life. Miracles abound in each moment as we continually experience greater union with the divine in everyday life. 

Creative outcomes unfold from each brilliant mind as inspiration flows from the greater mind through all sentient beings. The ways of the errant past dissolve in love and the ever more brilliant future continues to be created by unified hearts that utter these words: we are one, we are love, we are peace. 

And so it is.   

And may each utterance be magnified until the seed spark inside all beings lights the dawn of the New Earth on this day. We honour each of you as you join in love to transform the whole as you have come here to do. We are, The Council of Light that is Within



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