Why Does the Buddha Laugh?

There is no greater time than this to go within to discover your own magnificence. It is such an easy thing to do as all we need do is stop and turn the other direction, just for a moment. And then let those moments grow. It is only a matter of “turning the other cheek” to retrain ourselves from the other way we have come to know, but that no longer works for us. And once those internal moments begin to grow, so does our sense of self and our presence, so does our capacity for the natural love that we are, so does our intuition and our resolution and our purpose. The world is getting faster and wilder and louder, so the temptation to be caught in it is great, but the veils that separate us from the REAL world inside are thinning, so just do it. Go there. Nurture your inner life so that it is rich and fulfilling and safe and extraordinary. It will make up for all that you seek and lack and yearn for out there…  The aches of your heart will go away and then you will cultivate excess to share out there. This is how we change the world, by turning inside out.

The chaos of the external world is only building in order to either suck us in or encourage us to turn to the one that matters most: within. This is not news; it is ancient and proven and known, but it is time, it is now; it is essential for the most important transformation to take place. Who would have thought that stillness is the answer for the chaos, but of course it is. Allow it. Be the antidote to the madness. You are what you seek. Be the change…you have heard it, but are you doing it? Simplify. Balance. Neutralize. Calm. Wait. Allow. Then from the depths of that peace will come all that you desire.

Everyone is being challenged by relationships now as their relationship to themselves is being morphed. The external mirror also helps build the most important relationship there is: within. What gets you riled is what you need most inside, so you can give yourself the remedy you are being shown. It isn’t that hard to figure out what is being shown to you, just have the willingness to be honest and the truth will show itself. It is when you don’t listen that the volume gets turned up – but of course, you know this too! There is not much that can be said here that you do not already know, but there is much to say about your commitment to living your truth. If you are at peace, you are either numbed out or you are in alignment (this you know too!) and if you are not…then you are being given perfect signs to help you find your way…just promise to follow them, each given in the moment’s perfect timing.

Become the warrior of peace. Show up to everything you do with the brilliance of a sage and the calm fire of a master. You are both. Assume all that you know you are now, and show up as it all, for it is all needed at this time. Be smart and beautiful and wise and fun and creative and strong and receptive and calm and fierce and and and and and. It is time. The world needs your brilliance and your light. You have it. The search for it is over, for is already yours. Like Dorothy, you had it all along. No more hiding or skirting or shirking or blurring.  You are the wizard, the One, the guru, the answer. And don’t worry about your ego, for you already know how to love it small, into its perfect place within you. Don’t worry about failure, for there is nothing as such, it is all continued learning and that never stops! Everyone is always somewhere else on their path, but it doesn’t matter – for yours is the great unifier now that you know it doesn’t matter!  Compassion arises from this place as you know and have come to understand everything that brought you to this place was perfect and so it is the same for others. Living in a state of compassion changes everything.

Resist the old temptation to categorize good and bad. It all just is…and is vital to the awakening of all. All you need do is remember your own light, and that remembrance changes everything. It is your light that uplifts the world, even if you do not leave your chair. Then each action you exert is exponential to helping…each gesture, word, action, deed…aligns with your deepest and truest purpose…to express your light for the upliftment of the world. That’s all!

Being afraid, or small, or lazy, or safe, or timid, or judgemental, or suspicious, or doubting, or or or are all just excuses and are the very things that depress you. It is time to dance, time to sing, time to create, time to share, time to show up, time to radiate. Time to make a difference to yourself. The rest is contagion.

Most importantly, even though going within feels like a solitary journey, it is actually (ironically) the path to universal truth…and therein lies the great sea of all that is connected to All That Is. You might think you are alone, but nothing is farther from the truth. This is the great web that connects all life and your energy is needed “on line”. Love is everywhere for you and is found when you stop looking for it out there and come in here where it is boundless, universal and omniscient. That’s the great secret you know: you’ve had it all along. If it was funny it would be funny, but we know you have been searching too long. It is only once you arrive that it is funny.

So join us here for the greatest belly laugh of all – for we await you in deep joy, appreciation and reverence. Haven’t you always wondered why the Buddha laughs?

Your Council of Light Within


Deeni 4th September 2015 9:09 am

Thank You, Rebecca.

Thank You to the Council of Light Within.

Yes. It is flippin' hilarious. So simple. So True. So Divine.

Much Love, Light, Inner Peace and Laughter to All. : )

Peter fox 4th September 2015 9:26 am

Fantastic,Rebecca- Thank you so much. I may not be laughing out loud but I'm certainly raising a smile!!!

Peter fox 4th September 2015 9:26 am

Fantastic,Rebecca- Thank you so much. I may not be laughing out loud but I'm certainly raising a smile!!!

Eyewitness 28th September 2015 4:47 pm

AS one who has been meditating for many decades who has yet to find any real value in this practice, I would challenge you to explain what you mean by... 'going within'. Is this the practice of closing the eyes and shutting off the thoughts?? How can I tell when I am 'within' and not just staring at the inside of my eyelids waiting for 'something' to happen?? A friend of mine likes to say, Nothing is Going to happen. If nothing is going to happen.... then why am I repeatedly told that this is the only way to heal? All I know is....I am not healing, I have not even contacted my 'higher self'... in fact. Either I am just doing this all wrong... or somebody is making stuff up. I wonder.... Is there no such thing as Truth?? Is this just one more way to stay distracted until we die?? Oh Pshaw.... :)


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