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While it is hard for your thinking mind to conceive, it is such an extraordinary time to be alive! Keep telling yourself this through the thicks and thins of everyday life when it seems that it is otherwise. Do not attach to the great ills of society. Yes, they are the reality for some and yes what you hear on the news is tragic, but has this been your experience today? It has if you watched the news, but what if you did not? Has there been peace and well-being and security and joy and abundance for you? Then that is your truth. Stick to it! Be very aware of what you allow into your experience, for much is not your truth. This does not mean to stick your head in the sand with what is really going on in the world. It is important to know it, but not to attach to it as there is a profound difference. Since you are a powerful manifestor of your experience, it is most vital what you focus upon in order to bring more of it about so detached awareness of the old ill manifestations is important mostly so that you do not make the same err again, for what you focus on becomes you. What you focus upon is you!

There are many steps in passing through this extraordinary doorway available to you this year. Many have been completed with great commitment, diligence and determination. One step at a time, great mountains have been traversed. This has been great training for the times ahead. This is not to instill overwhelm and discouragement for the rewards will be great and the victory assured. But it is always just the beginning. There is much more to accomplish, and thankfully, it is through teamwork that the best is always accomplished... like the Olympics, it takes a village to ultimately accomplish the individual's dream that benefits the world. The journey always begins, perseveres and ends with the Self. So become your own best coach, athlete, dietician, homesteader, educator, guru, author, creator, minister, healer, parent, leader, governor, scientist, humanist and peacemaker. Do you feel each of these acting with grace inside of you? The village becomes One to become the village! You are at once on your own and not alone. Feel the strength inside of you to do all things and hold the perfection of each of these within. Tap into your inner greatness in all that you do. Be the wise counsel for yourself and then it is possible for all others to do the same. Holding peace and kindness and the highest possible outcome makes the high outcome possible. Be the inspiration you are seeking. Be the leader you have been looking for. Be the kind, forgiving, generous heart you admire. Be the one who melts the pain and fear and anxiety with ease, humour and optimism. If you believe all is well, then it is for you and all whom you touch. And peace has a distant resonance!

Open your heart to greater and greater love and possibility each day to the point where it aches in expansion contractions. It is big enough and powerful enough to hold the light of the world. Of course, focus on loving past your own pain first and that act of love will make a difference for all. What you do in act of true Self Love has profound effect on all sentient beings. Love your world this way.

Do not worry about appearances. It is intention and true contents that matter…if you truly love yourself and others…you do not stop at the mere surface of the physical body to interact. Beauty is essence and you are learning to live in the deep truth of it as your essence is being perfectly distilled into precious scent. This is why it is said that Christed Beings have a profoundly sweet and melodious scent as they emanate their purity. You are working on this essence to maintain dedication to this constant intention of inner purity. Loving yourself in honour of the Divine is true God realization. Do this for the greater You for the all. The easier it is held by each One helps each One hold it for themselves. Be in honour of all that have come before you to hold this light for your path so you can hold it for others.

Be in constant monitor, witness, marshal, steward of your mind. Be in complete charge of its production, for this biocomputer has profound effect on your reality. Use it wisely, for it is your greatest gift and curse. You know what the latter can do so now prove to yourself what its highest purpose is. Project goodness, kindness and positive possibilities for all. Inner whipping is not acceptable for an enlightened being, so why would you ever allow it? Inner triviality, judgement, irritability and turmoil are mind-induced. What the heck are you up to? Stop it. You know so much better than that by now; it is not acceptable to continue.

Your body requires lots of pure water and movement. It is stiff with the intensity of the vibratory influxes and changes. It is going through a lot right now, so be kind to it, love it, move it, feed it well. Nurture it. Allow it to morph gracefully by supporting it. Movement is the best way to knead the dough to integrate the new. Eat gently and consciously and do not overeat as it weighs you down in more ways than one! So be more respectful of yourself than that. Sleep as often as you need to; do not fight, resist or postpone sleep. Take it when you need it. It is back to childlike basics when it comes to nurturance, rest and recuperation. And of course, play is the most important part of this! The world has gotten dark and heavy; the more you can lift your own heart and that of others in innocent play is so healing. It helps more than you know, so be sure to live with a light head and heart so that play is natural and a constant in your day. Remember that there is often much levity in messages from those on the other side and especially from the angels. They have mastered lightness of spirit, so commit to being that way now!

Carry love for your family, neighbours, colleagues, community and world in your heart. As long as it is neutral, unconditional love, your heart is big enough to do that. If it is attached and conditional it is very harmful to you. If it weighs upon you, give it to God, to the Higher Realms to assist you. Do not presume to carry the weight of others or of the world alone. Your heart can bear loving unconditionally, but it will break if you presume to carry anything on your own. Be diligent to be clear about the difference here, for a burdened heart serves no one and is certainly the bushel basket that hides your light. And your purpose is to bring light to the world, so how you deal with issues of the heart are critical in your path of mastery. If your heart aches, it is because you are carrying weight that is not yours, so ask for help to literally LIGHTEN your load.

Beloved, the transformation that is taking place is profound and subtle at the same time. If you keep staying in intimate touch inside to deepen your inner connection with the Divine All That Is, you will always be on purpose, you will always be in harmony, you will always be in right action.

In deepening Self Love you will find all that you seek.

In abiding Love, we are,
The Council of Light that is in Everyone



Mik 4th July 2012 8:24 pm

Wow,,,and Thankyou,,,

I could have almost written that myself,,,,living the truth,,,
more and more,,,ha ha


LordJesusChrist 5th July 2012 4:12 am

The Good Force be with you!

Happy Independence Day! Many thanks for your message! It is truly wonderful to know the goodness of the Wisdom of the Council of Light.

Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:smitten: :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:


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