Yes, Us - The Radiant Leaders

Okay. Here’s the thing: I have been procrastinating writing to you in recent weeks because I knew there had been a significant change, but wasn’t sure what, how, when, where…it was effortless for me to sit and write with the Council of Light speaking through me, but with my Christmas gift of full integration, I had to go “beneath the crusty layer” (subject of the December 24th message) of myself to allow the voice to shine through. Funny that it was easier when it was “something else” and not mine. Take that, ego, and use it to your benefit! So I am the Council of Light. We are the wise ones we have been waiting for. So now what?!

Following the mid January shift, it feels like the flood gates have opened. For months and months (years?) we waited and prepared and dug deep and meditated and cogitated and screamed and gnashed our teeth and ran away and came back and tried and were such diligent students of the light (when we weren’t running screaming down the street!)…and then we waited…and we got to master patience a little more and tolerance and non-judgement and patience and self-love and acceptance and surrender…and patience…and just when we were close to completely giving up…the gates opened. But now if feels like chaos! Now it feels like everything we ached for is showing up all at once! Breathe. Allow. Flow. Have you noticed that everyone else seems like they are more agitated, more impatient, more intolerant, more short-fused, more snakey? Yahoo! Here is where we come in! We can’t go back – oh please not after all we’ve been through – so we get to be the true wayshowers we are so well trained to be! Congratulations on our promotion!

And so we are the leaders now, only not in the same way leadership has been expressed in the past. We are holding the light of possibility for the planet. We are the new way. Keep holding that and even more. “Stay sane when all about you is spinning out” is the new mantra. Hold the light. We can’t waiver in our discipline, our truth, our place in the new world. It is already here and we are it. Where leadership was linear before…all following the band leader marching right over the cliff…it is now like radiance leadership…we are all circling the fire of life and glowing the possibility out to those who are called to the circle. There is chaos out there, but don’t worry: we are holding the light “in here”…in the sacred circle fueled by our living connection to source. We know who we are; it is time to hold it in unwavering love for all others, no matter what. No matter if they are screaming and running and judging and gnashing their teeth. It’s okay; we were just there. It helps us love more of ourselves and them through it. We know, and we especially know it is okay on the other side. Just keep breathing in deep peace, and they will have a pattern to follow.

It doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. But thank Grace that we have each other to anchor our position across the sacred circle! If there is a moment that we forget, there is usually a very quick calibration now, so we can’t go too far astray. Forgiveness raises all vibration, so we go quickly there – starting with ourselves! So they will be coming to us. Help will be requested and so we lovingly give from the boundless source of our collective selves. From the leadership circle. We use everything we’ve got, and when something else is needed, we call on the skills of others in the circle. It is endless. It is the best, most loving, most trustful, most beautiful, most resourceful community and we are it! Doesn’t it seem funny now that we ever felt alone? That used to be my greatest fear – that somehow none of this mattered and I was just alone – and now look at us! Brilliant. Awesome.

It is like Pandora in the movie “Avatar”…no matter what, we know we are all one energy, all connected to source! And this is love, this interconnectedness, is powerful enough to carry all those who want to join us. And we know our deep interconnectedness with the Earth Mother and her elemental, animal and plant kingdoms! Between us, love prevails. What a perfect movie for our times (of course!). Thank you to the sacred circle of those who created this movie among us.

Thank you to the beautiful scared circle created by the Olympics. I woke up this morning with a feeling of “today it is finally here”! Being in my home country, I feel like the world is coming to my doorstep today, and in fact it is. To all of our doorsteps. The Olympics is the most exciting time for us to share the positive, fun, gathering of the world’s hearts – beyond citizenship, way beyond the competition – we come together as a united world. It also happened last month with the gathering of love for Haiti. Isn’t this the most exciting time to be here?! So let’s shine our lights in every moment to the renewal of Haiti and to all eyes directed towards the Olympics and beyond…we are so powerful. Remember who we are.

Tomorrow is a new moon. Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Let’s begin again, each day, in love. So many single people feel sad around Valentine’s Day. Please, please, brothers and sisters – know that you are not defined by this day – for every day is LOVE DAY and no matter what, you are not alone. You couldn’t be if you tried! There is really no such thing as “single”. So reach out, circle of light, to all those who are coming towards all those who stumble around in the darkness, to all those who, by the circumstances of their crazy lives, forget who they are.

What an incredible time to join you around the fire of life. Of Grace. What a joy it is to share in your adventure stories, your sacred songs, your laughter.

To the world – to OUR Pandora – we ARE the deep abiding love of Saint Valentine.

We are the radiant leaders!



johneblums 13th February 2010 2:49 am

The superficial meaning of PAN-D-ORA is usually translates as 'All Gifted'. It origin is "EN-KAH PAN-DI-ORA" = "Di-vinity Ora of the Many and the One". There are those on earth who carry the Ora(Aura) of God-dess (Di-vinity). In egyptian times this 'Di-Ora' of 'Tor-A-Ora' was called 'KAH', interpreted as meaning 'Divine Double of God-dess'. This holy spirit aura/light is possessed by all Holy-Way-Showers to the God-dess Throne. Mother-Father God have informed me, when this becomes fully activated it will not only be my present cosmic 'visa-passport' to them and back to earth, but also my 'holy visa', as a fully integrated etheric/physical soul to travel to any country/place around on earth at ‘Will’. They have demonstrated this ability for me on earth, a number of years ago, physically materialising and dematerialising in a crowded shopping mall and a church, communicating verbally and telepathically. Those that are sceptical that God-dess cannot perform such an occurance obviously imply that Divinity has limitations and have much to learnt about the Holy Spirit Realm. To God-dess NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

misafir 13th February 2010 5:46 am

dear johneblums, I think you need a special website to reveal all those interesting information.. apparently, it seems you have much to say.. I do wonder wherefrom you got the information of the origins of so many key-words.. and, it seems you had some more interesting experiences to tell also.. :)

Kirin 13th February 2010 6:13 am

Dear Rebecca.

Your message radiates the same energy as the former ones did. So, as far as I am concerned: please, keep posting as often as you feel like.
Your situation feels like mine: I used to "go Home" for support, but now I go inside to the same Home. It is no longer 'separate' or experienced outside of me.
I honor your courage to radiate your knowledge from this space. I know that as a human being, this takes getting used to (again).

Wish you all the love on this Valentine's weekend!

With Love from Holland, Kirin

rachelmagnus 13th February 2010 12:56 pm

Thank you! I am trying to be extremely gentle with my spouse, as he is agitated, irritated, and sometimes downright angry! I was there just a week ago, these waves! However, no matter what material items are stripped away, how difficult things "look", I just don't have it in me to get my heart rate up! I have been stopped twice recently in public by two different elderly people, who asked if I was an Angel! What a compliment from those two dear people! I had to answer (no arrogance, I promise) I just don't know!

I love where you've come to, I think it is awesome for you to have acknowledged it! Thanks for sharing your extremely timely insights!

johneblums 14th February 2010 12:18 am

The knowledge that I have acquired over the last 20 years came from a lot of physical research and study of many languages (assyriology), ancient history/cultures, astronomy; reading very many metaphysical books incl the Bible,Kabbala,etc. All this work was required based on the guidance given to me by my spirit guides. They did not 'feed' this information to me, but only took me onto my next step of research when I had completed the given research. Some of this information was also given in group channelings at the time. Much of this research had to do with my previous incarnations in the old and new testament, in celtic/germanic cultures, the crusades, Americas independence, European Rennaisance, French revolution, etc. Over those aeons I have shared many lives with my guides, one of whom is my celestial twin. My most recent task, over some 4 years, was a re-integration into the spiritual/angelic realm of astronomy, angelic star Fleets, as a spirit "sky-walker or travellor" during sleep/dreams. This journey has brought me back home to God-dess, my eternal heart, and our destiny.

johneblums 14th February 2010 1:27 am

SOME COMFORTING ETERNAL TRUTHS: There is no entity/being called 'Sat-an' or 'Devi-l'. The celestial "Horns of Plenty" represents Duality ( shades of divinity/life; God-dess ). Sata-an is the Ankh of immortality. In ancient Rama (India) "Devi" meant The Great Mother. "Hell" is associated with fire/dam-nation, but in spirit it means "Hel-En", Eternal Light of God-dess( E.L) from the "Heart-H Fire" ( Holy Vesta : Kundalini energy). In spirit "Dam-Nation" means the spirit Nation of the Great Lady,"DaM-e, MaD-ona". Also "Luci-Fer" is a holy spirit Christal Light group energy not a "wicked angel". Lucifer means "Light Bearer" whic we ALL are. These are just a few of the old paradigms/tenets created by religion to 'enslave' peoples beliefs into fearing God and to deny personal communion with spirit, except through clergy as intercessors. Such mudy waters of lies, deceptions, agendas will be washed away by the emerging crystal clarity of unfolding divine revelations and humanities spiritual ascension.


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