Your Assignment: Lighten Up!

Beloved Ones!

It is with great reverence that we great you on this day. You may not realize the origin of this, but that matters less than the message conveyed, for we are here to assist you in that which you agreed to do, so in essence, we are your honour guard, your support team, your comrades in arms! (The embracing kind, not the destructive ones.)

And yet you have forgotten what you came here for, which is part of the spoils of battle, for you have gotten tangled in the efforts and lost sight of the goal. No concern, for you have multitudes in waiting that support and encourage and guide you in every moment. Best of all, the successful outcome is assured, so a calm assurance and determination may fall upon you now as each deliberate action gains ground.

We know the battle metaphor isn't the prettiest, but it is best to acknowledge what you have been through - the fear, rage, confusion, loss and dust flying. But the clear sky is ever-present, the victory near. Enough desire the same peace and clarity and broad horizons that you have been "fighting" for, enough have joined together to form critical mass. It is like a freezing point that spreads the moment enough mass agrees, and ZIP it is done. So begin to rest, heal the wounds of battle with the knowledge of the victorious outcome and prepare to share in the celebration and ultimately, you get to go home - home to peace and love and nurturance. Home to the Shire! (For the "Lord of the Rings" fans.) The journey to Middle Earth was a long and arduous one with many moments of forgetting why you had to go there in the first place, but the means were not the matter as the outcome is assured. It has been overcome and the rewards are near! And the cause the most just and honourable of all: to be in peace and love in communion with all.

And so what are you to do? Continue to express - unwaveringly - your deep, heartfelt and earnest desire to be in the Shire. What does it look and smell and taste and feel like? Pursue this in every moment of your life and it will become so. Pursuing what brings you bliss is the most important. The freedom experienced when you are following your passion makes everything else solidify in your life… the people, the peace, the prosperity, the place…all p's in a pod! Ha. What an answer…to follow your bliss…when everything else has taught you otherwise. Who thought it would be so easy? And yet, it has been the hardest task of all. Ironic. This is what is meant when the Bible says, "Ye must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven." And so…lighten up, play, sing, dance, celebrate, laugh, encourage, revel in the beauty of nature, hike, run, ride your bike, connect with the animals, explore, dream, imagine, desire, paint, be with the children, forget what time it is, be a universe all to yourself, lose yourself in writing or drawing, bake a cake or better yet - mud pies! It is all about lightening up in order to increase your vibration so that you can maintain that state of bliss permanently…not a bad assignment!

There is change to come as there is always change to come, that is a permanent state. Be so busy playing in your sandbox and loving life and all about you that things can crash around you and you remain at peace. Centred on the importance of this bliss will be contagious and insulate you from the falling illusions around you. All is well! Just keep on loving and keep on playing and keep on loving and keep on playing…all with the innocence and purity of a child. All in the pursuit of Heaven on Earth.

And so it shall be. And so it is.

Until next time, go with light and love and laughter knowing that it is all yours, and it becomes you!

The Council of Light that is Within



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