HEAVEN #2366 When there is acceptance...

God said:

Never would you feel overwrought, envious, forlorn, disappointed, heartbroken, furious nor any of the frustrating emotions you sometimes feel if you were not so sure you knew what should be happening. When life is not singing to your professed tune of ease and order, you feel imposed upon. When you feel that life opposes you on this and that, it is clear that you have held fast to an idea you are dedicated to. If you did not hold on to a certain note, you would not demand that the world sing it too.

When you are taken aback, you feel that someone else should know better, or, worse even, that you should know better, be better, do better. You think you should be smarter, more brilliant, more loved, more listened to, more in command - so go the wheels of your brain. You feel affronted when control is not yours. If you had no need to control, you would not be dismayed when you see imperfection. If you did not have such a strong need to control, beloveds, you might not even see imperfection to be feisty about or weep about. Maybe you like to be feisty and like an excuse to be outraged. Or Maybe you like to feel put upon, and so you don the robes of victim.. Maybe you like feeling frustrated. Or maybe you just have a habit of looking at what occurs in life the way you have always looked at it. You still think the world and everyone in it, including yourself, is supposed to be different from what they are.

Perhaps you feel that what has been done should be undone. From one vantage, you are correct. But, ah, life is not premeditated, beloveds. It is all ad lib. It is creative dramatics. There is no perfected script in the relative world. I will say that again. There is no perfected script in the relative world. If there were a perfected script, there would not be a relative world.

Or, there is another way to look at it, and that is that everything is just fine as it is, that there is more to life in the world than is seen. But, of course, you don't like the implication that you do not know better how things should be. The fact is that you cannot know better because you don't know the whole story. You have only skimmed the surface. World life is what it is. It doesn't have to be your concept of what it should be. You, yourself, don't even have to be your concept of the perfect proper creature that you think you ought to be.

I love you as you are. Let that be a relief to you and not a disappointment. The minute you recognize My acceptance of you as you are, you rise higher, and are capable of greater deportment in the world. This is an example of the benefit of your letting go. Let go of your strenuous need to be better, and you automatically are. You are because you took a breath and accepted My love for you. When you accept that you are loved by Me, it is easier for you to accept others as they are, easier for you to accept life as it has played out. Life may not meet your standards, but standards are only preconceived ideas.

Create new standards. You don't have to be smarter nor better equipped for the world. Learn whatever the world teaches you. Meanwhile, rather than making standards of excellence, make standards of acceptance. Free yourself from old unuseful ideas.

Perhaps you think I am asking you to be laissez-faire. Beloveds, what I am asking is that you enjoy more. I am asking you to love more. Love more the way I love. When there is acceptance, frustration melts away. As soon as nothing has to be perfect, you breathe, and then the more you are easily able to allow relative perfection to walk across the stage of life, and present itself.



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