HEAVEN #2370 Cognize Yourself

God said:

It is not that you teach people. You do not teach. You do not explain. You are not an instructor. You are a revealer. You are an exponent of knowledge and love. You may talk, but you are not a talker, do you understand?

You teach unselfishness, not only by being unselfish, but because unselfish is what you are. You are not self-effacing. You are self-evident You teach considerateness by being considerate, not as a course of study, but because, from where you sit, considerateness is natural, the only possible way to be. You would not know how to be less than considerate.

You become a model, not in an attempt to be a model, but simply by how you move in life. What you think about, your picture of the world, these you reveal. You reveal who and where you are the same way a hummingbird reveals itself. It does not describe. It does not go into detail. It is simply a hummingbird being a hummingbird. You are a beautiful soul, and you reveal your beautiful soulness. Everyone wants it, to be near, to be it, and everyone will emulate you, not as actors copying you, but as learners who have learned beautiful life lessons from you by simply watching you. Your essence is irresistible. Everyone will know you by seeing you. They know power when they see it. They know true love when they see it. They know what it is to be in My Presence, because they are in it when they see you.

So, no need to teach, instruct, orate. All someone has to do is to watch you. They watch you steer the ship of life. They watch, and they learn. You are mute, and yet they hear the song you sing. They hear My song through you.

You are a testament to Me. Your Being is a testament to Me.

Tutorials do not do it. You do it. You reveal My energy. That is what you do.

When you play the piano, it is I playing the piano through you.

When you walk the Earth, it is I walking the Earth through you.

You may play a guitar, but you are My guitar, and I strum My songs through you. You are the resonator of My song.

You are not thinking about accomplishing this. You simply reverberate as you are directed to. I play you like the beautiful instrument you are. I play you for all I am worth. You are the strumming of God on Earth. I play you so you begin to know Who You Are. I have no ulterior motives. I make no pretense. I lay all My cards on the table. You are one of My cards.

You are a testament to Me, and now I testify to you. I testify to your heart of beauty. I testify to your strength. I testify to your earthly Holiness, not holiness for the sake of Holiness, but because Holiness you are. You are wholly whole. You are My Allness on Earth. You are not a carbon copy of Me, but you are representative of Me. I pull you into the spotlight of My love. Arise to the light.

There is nothing for you to do but to rise and take your rightful place in the community of love on Earth. You are already signed up. There is nothing for you to do but to know Who You Are so that you may cognize yourself. It is not that you do anything but stand up in the light you are already made of and surrounded with and, now, once and for all, acknowledge that you are My child on Earth, chosen by Me to reveal what I am indeed capable of. I am capable of you.



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