HEAVEN #2377 Oneness, Oneness, Oneness

God said:

"As God is my witness..."

You witness Me, and I witness you. We are a testament to each other, even though there is no other.

And what do We witness but love? All the day long, I see love. I see love rolling itself up like a flag and then unfurling and reaching further, reaching all the way to Heaven and then back again.

Love first came from Heaven, and to Heaven it returns and rebounds back to Earth. Love meets itself coming and going. Each branch of a tree sends you love. Each bird that sings. Each breeze that blows. Everything that moves sends you love, and everything that does not move also sends you love. Movement is an illusion, and, therefore, stillness is as well. Without the illusion of movement, would stillness have a name? Yet love moves in stillness. Love pulls all people and every thing along with it. Love leaves nothing behind. How could it? For love is, and love alone is. Love wins the non-existent race every time.

There is not a thing in Heaven or on Earth that is not love. That there is anything else is as far away from Truth as can be, yet there is no distance for Truth to travel. Truth and love are irrevocably entwined. They are a necklace made of daisies, yet they do not alternate. One cannot proceed, nor can one follow. Oh, Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.

Beloveds, there is a shaft of light in your heart that radiates out. It is a laser light. It penetrates walls of stone. It penetrates iron. There is nothing that this shaft of life from your heart cannot penetrate. There is no place that your light cannot enter.

You may say it doesn't go beneath the soil, that there is no light there. When I say your light reaches everywhere, I mean your light reaches everywhere. It reaches the furthest, and it reaches the nearest. Truth be known, all are near. There is no far away. Therefore, then, is there closeness? There is not even closeness. There is Oneness. Close cannot be closer. There is no variation to this. There is no departure from it.

Oneness is not apartness. It is togetherness. There never were separate ingredients to add to the soup. There were no ingredients to subtract either.

I made a concoction. It was named Earth because it issued from My heart. From My heart, the Earth rose, and you rose with it. My heart spilled itself on Earth, and now sunsets are rosy. Yet there is no sunset anymore than there is sunrise. You know all that is illusion, beautiful illusion but illusion nevertheless.

What, beloveds, can be less than God, for all is evidence of God. Even things are evidence of God. Even the most Godless-seeming thing is evidence of Me, and, of course, I need no evidence. I am Self-evident.

There is only an Ocean. All the splashes of the Ocean are still Ocean. No one can say that the splashes are not Ocean. They are the Ocean Itself.

Some would say I am apart from you when, all along, I am part of you. Actually, I am you. I am astir in you. I am awake in you, although you may not yet be awake. So you are, and you aren't. You are awake, and you have not yet awoken to that. You think you are still asleep when, in actuality, you have never been asleep.

And so I witness Myself as I watch you dream in your dream of sleep.



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