HEAVEN #2378 Change Your Mind

God said:

Everything in the relative is changing. You are changing too. Changing means that you go ahead and let go of the past, not because I say so, but because there is no pause to evolution, beloveds. With every turn of the wheel, the world sings a new song, and so must you. At one time the past was current, but it is no longer. Now it is past.

You hold on to the past in many many ways, and, in so doing, you pull the wool over your eyes. You kid yourself. You try to paste everything in place. Because something once was true, you insist it still must be true. Even when something was not helpful, you still call it holy. I hear you say things like: "I tried that once, and it didn't work." You are really saying you already know all you need to know. In effect, you cover your eyes and ears. You do not want the world to teach you nor touch you, and you want to lock the world in place, make it stand still. You go to great lengths to convince yourself that the past, your past, is inviolable.

You may want change in the world, but that doesn't stop you from holding fast to the past.

I hear you saying things like: "I never liked that. That's how I am."

And so, beloveds, you give up on life. Relative life is change, and there are no two ways about it. You are an ever-blossoming rose. There is no getting-off place for you. There is no recess. You are in the game, and you can't play last year's game nor yesterday's. Every situation is a new situation. Change is the old stand-by, beloveds. You can count on it.

You change your clothes. You change your hair color. You move furniture around -- yet your ideas you consider inviolate. Let life take you somewhere, beloveds. Don't be shy. Don't be hesitant. Don't be an old stick in the mud. You are being born every day. Not one day is the same. You are not on a treadmill, and yet you must keep moving.

What was so wonderful about how you once thought? Your concepts are not written in indelible ink. They are birds on the wing, beloveds. Birds alight for a moment, and then they fly on.

This not about following the latest styles. No, not at all. I am suggesting that you do not need to be so beholden to the past and past ways of thinking. Because you never liked spinach doesn't mean that you won't like it today. Maybe you have never played the flute. That doesn't mean you never will. It doesn't mean you have to either. It means you have choice. You can choose anew.

If you go to one place for your vacation every year, that's your choice. But you are not indentured to that one vacation spot. You don't have to go there just because you have for five years. It is when you think you must, when you think that's all there is and there isn't anything else, that is when you cut off your life and resist opportunity. Nothing has to stay the same, least of all you.

This is good reason to avoid the words Never and Always. They fly false flags. They say you are bound in time when you are not bound in time except as you say so. Untwine yourself from the past. It never really was, beloveds. You are not the same, and do not think it is virtuous to stay the same. Venture into life. Make way for it. Open your mind as well as your heart. Will you let in new possibilities?



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