HEAVEN #2379 Shine Like the Sun

God said:

In the relative world, everything changes. Flowers grow, and flowers fade. Metals shine, and metals rust. Even when there is inertia, change has its way. What is there about change that frightens My children so? Where did the idea come from that change is to be held back, that it is perhaps a little shoddy, and not quite acceptable? Change is the name of the game. Change signifies growing, beloveds.

Welcome change. There will be change anyway, so you might as well welcome it. Make change your friend. Catch onto the idea that change is good. Ocean waters have waves. No one thinks that the ebb and flow of waves should stay the same. Why, then, would you think that the ebb and flow of life should be regulated?

Why should you stay young? Why should you feel bad about growing older? Why not have the seasons of your life show on your face? When was it decided that wrinkles are to be circumvented? Youth and age are both just appearance, beloveds. They are not the reality of you. They are just passing acquaintances. The reality of you is eternal, beautiful, and infinite. Is the packaging really so important as the world has made it?

Why is one stage of life considered better than another?

You paddle down a stream of life in your canoe. You pass many sights. Who is to say which bend in the stream, what shore, what tree is better than another?

Beloveds, will you mount the steed of life and simply be happy whatever the scenery is that you pass? You are not riding through a Hollywood set. You are riding through life. Let life be. Put your energy toward love rather than dismay, If all the energy that is put into appearance were put into love, who would mind all the things that you mind?

Discontent breeds discontent. Love breeds love. Love yourself. Love your circumstances. Beloveds, you are on a safari of life. You are not holed up in a cave. You are exposed to the elements. Love the elements. Why not love where you are? Why protest that which is only temporary? With or without your protest, life on Earth skips from one temporary stepping-stone to another. We could say that life is a game of hopscotch. One foot is always poised.

Greet change. Why not love everything? Why insist on loving one thing more than another? Why make hierarchies? Why relegate yourself to changing that which you cannot change? Why perpetuate illusion that defrauds you? If you think that you and your life are not wonderful right now, you have defrauded yourself. You have been misguided. Look forward to today and not back.

Kiss the hand that feeds you. Life feeds you. You are not a mummy. You are not to stay the same. Even if it were possible, there is no percentage in it. While you have life on Earth, choose life on Earth. You can shake your fist at the sun as much as you want, and the sun will still move blithely on. Be like the sun instead. The sun doesn't mind what you may think of it. It follows its own route. The sun never tells itself to be other than where it is, and yet it keeps shining wherever it is. Shine like the sun.

It certainly makes no difference to Me what side of the world you are on. It makes no difference to Me whether you are one year old or a hundred and one years old. None of the inconsequential things matter to me at all. You matter to Me. Now, matter to yourself



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