HEAVEN #2389 Trust

God said:

Bewilderment is a good thing. It lets you know you are alive, and it lets you know that life holds more for you than you presently know. It's fine to be bewildered. You don't know where all your steps may lead. You don't know the full meaning of the steps you take. And why do you think you need to know these things?

When you figure life out, or think you have, then you design plans and outcomes. You think you design them, for even then you do not know. So you predict a certain course and destination.. Better, beloveds, to simply follow the path. Rather than figure out, find out. A map can only take you so far. A map does not give you the actuality. Perhaps many have followed a certain map, and yet until you travel the route, who can say it's right for you? And who can say it's wrong?

In life, beloveds, you are learning to build trust. You may have thought that life has been teaching you to distrust. When you distrust, you have reached certain conclusions and decided on a course of action which is to let distrust prevail. Better to build on trust than distrust. With trust, you are not so premeditated. With trust, you are more open to letting life take its course. Trust will take you to many yet uncharted places. Distrust keeps you enchained where you are. Distrust urges you to be safe. Distrust thinks that trust is foolish or dangerous.

Trust doesn't think in such a way. Trust is open to life and adventure. Trust knows that lions and tigers exist in the jungle. Trust is not rash nor foolhardy, yet trust also knows that birds and divine flowers and coconuts and untold treasures exist in the jungle too. Trust puts its money on the possibilities it favors. Trust knows that distrust has too big a price tag.

Distrust makes you sacrifice what could be for what has been.

Distrust relies on the past and its statistics. Distrust is a poor gambler.

Trust ventures forth. Trust leans toward what can be and veers away from what has been.

Because your heart was broken once, doesn't mean it will be broken again.

Because you were rejected once, doesn't mean you will be again.

Because you were once given the wrong change, doesn't mean you will be again. You can count your change, but count it with trust.

If distrust alone ruled, you would not do anything, beloveds. The time has arisen for distrust to retreat. The time has arisen for trust to blossom. You are Tarzan who flies across a ravine on a vine. He cannot test every vine beforehand. Nor can you. Sometimes you just have to choose the vine that presents itself to you, give it a tug, grab hold and soar with it.

If you must think of eventualities, think of the one ones you would like.

How many people a day are injured outside their homes? The numbers would make you stay inside.

How many people a day are injured inside their homes? The numbers would make you go outside.

And yet there are far more people who are not injured inside nor outside their homes.

It is still all right to smile. Be less guarded, beloveds. Be more love-oriented instead.

Have a predilection that life is safe for you, people are safe for you, strangers are safe for you, the world is safe for you. This is not blindness. This is removing the narrow vision of danger that wearing blinders asserts. Come from a wider vantage, beloveds.



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