HEAVEN #2395 Oneness Is Not Sameness

God said:

Oneness is not sameness.

You don't lose anything when Oneness becomes apparent, unless you consider fragments being put together as losing. Of course, prickly ego leaves. Perhaps you are attached to ego. Perhaps. Certainly ego, that leech, is attached to you. Good Heavens, what did you think you needed your ego for anyway? For the pinches and pangs it is sure to give you? Really, do you need to be pinched in order to know you're alive? You will be much more alive when ego lets go of you and becomes a thing of the past. Throw out the whole kit and caboodle of the past, and you will have more of the present and less of the past. Do not reconnoiter in the past.

And, so, now We come to Oneness. It is like having one sky above you. One sun to shine. One moon. The same stars. Convolutions of the Earth under your feet. Very much as it is now, only you walk as One in the cadence of love. No one is out of step. All the glory of dreams rises before you like mist on the moors. Oneness moves you, not as an automaton but you as a real live God-given embodied Being, which you have unseeingly been all along.

When you are an honored servant of God, when you honor yourself for your service, you simply give what is called for. In Oneness, all hear what I call for. No one is hard of hearing. If you are, say, a waitress, you come before Me in joy and in synchrony. Instead of many separate drinks, you serve Me one great one. There is no losing your place or getting lost in time, for your immediate presence knows itself, and knows Oneness. You are a great servant to Me which is to say you serve greater than yourself, and yet We drink from the same cup.

There is one Tree of Life, and you are on it. The tree rises from Earth. It is well-rooted on Earth, yet it reaches high up into Heaven. Your eyes follow the top of the tree, which is like a Christmas tree holding a great star. The tree grows according to Our pulse beat. It grows before your very eyes. Your vision rises with the height of the tree, and you are immersed in Heaven. Although there is Heaven on all sides of you, I cannot say you are submerged in Heaven, yet you soak in it. You breathe in Heaven as if it were a first breath. I cannot say you wallow in Heaven, yet Heaven is like that -- pure Heaven. You sink into it and you are just where you belong.

And why would you ever think of leaving Heaven? Why would you give up Heaven for sundries? Why, you won't even have such a thought. You will know where you are. You will be in for the non-time of your life. What a celebration. Not a formal planned one, but a celebration that spontaneously grows out of the joy of Heaven. What else could there be in Heaven but celebration. Just as when a war ends on Earth, there is great jubilation. Only in Heaven, there is no war to end, and celebration never stops. Infinity is infinite.

And where can love travel to except where it already is, and it is in Oneness, one beautiful catapulting Oneness of Everything and Everyone, a burst of love so great it fills up the Universe, and now it is seen, now it is beheld, and now you know what Oneness is and that it was always yours, and that it is yours now, and that all hearts will share in the joy.



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