HEAVEN #2398 How can the world stay the same?

God said:

Joy to the world. The King has come.

Do you know by now that you -- every single one of you -- are the kings of life, and that you have been sent to Earth to make the beloved Planet Earth holy? You have come to add blessings and to take away woe. That is your instruction book. And if you do nothing but add blessings, you will have taken away woe.

There is no need to shoot woe away. Add to the world all the blessings of which you are capable, and there will be no woe. When I say all the blessings of which you are capable, I do not mean to indicate a limited amount. All the blessings of which you are capable encompasses a great deal. The amount you are capable of is infinite, as infinite as you.

I bless the world that has you in it. And I bless all of you who are in it. The first blessing I gave you was to be born. You may not have seen your birth in that light, I understand, but you have been mistaken, and now you can look at your birth more amicably. There was great rejoicing in Heaven when you were born. It is always so. Feel a reflection of that Heaven energy in your heart now. How can any gift from Me be considered less than a blessing? If looking at your birth as a blessing is a new thought to you, then start with a new thought. By doing so, you will remove all the burden you may have carried along with your false beliefs. Feel this burden lifting from you now. You are a blessing on Earth, and now you will do as blessings do.

It is quite right that you begin with blessing yourself. Baptize yourself now in the light of My love that I shower down upon you. Picture the rays of My love so indelibly imprinted in your DNA. See My light as it filters through the sky and is the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen. It is the dawn of your birth. You were broadcast to the whole universe. It is a great thing that you are here on Earth for the good of all on Earth and the universe beyond.

Please understand that I created you, and what this means. It is not a little thing. It is not an ordinary thing. A birth occurs often, and yet each birth is extraordinary. Each birth is a blessing, to the one born and to the Earth. You do not think otherwise any longer, do you? It is an extraordinary thing that you were born on Earth. You are not a nuisance. You are not an interloper. You are a treasured gift. You are My gift. I give treasure to be held up as a diamond to the light.

Begin to see yourself as I see you, and the whole configuration of the world will change. Certainly, you accept that your view of the world will change. When everyone's view of himself aligns with Truth, well, then, how can the world stay the same?

The most important thing you can do right now is have a new improved vision of yourself. What a little thing I ask, that you remind yourself Who made you and gave you to the world as a signaler of good to come.

Just as the sunrise says a new day is dawning, so are you a sunrise that foretells the dawning of the dreamed-of world. Let this idea dawn on you.



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