HEAVEN #2399 Calm the Qualms

God said:

Today I would like you to laugh at yourself a little.

Have you not fussed and fumed over nothing?

Have you not worried about everything?

Have you not feared the worst scenarios and enacted them in your mind?

Now I tell you to calm the qualms. No more furor or terror over nothing. And everything is nothing next to My love for you, and My plans for you, beloved.

You who are a great Being may have dug in the grass, looking for impediments. Look for blessings, beloveds. Be on the look-out for blessings. Count them instead of all the distractions that you may have let get in the way of your view of all the good that is yours.

You are going to receive a shipment of blessings today. Be ready on the loading dock. Be ready to load them in your heart. Let there be no spillage. Let not one blessing of Mine fall on deaf ears. Be alert to the blessings that are yours to receive today.

And when a blessing has someone else's name on it, know that the blessings casts its light on you just the same. All blessings, regardless of recipient specified, are yours. Blessings that are earmarked for you, however, you have to pick them up first yourself. You have to acknowledge receipt. Smile upon the blessings that are yours today, and then they belong to everyone else as well.

Know what a lucky person you are. You are the luckiest of all. Recognize this. No other manifested being on Earth has quite the profile you do. It is important that you acknowledge your good fortune. Whatever your apparent situation, regardless of what pebble is in your shoe, you are the luckiest soul on Earth.

This is quite a change in your thinking. For a long time now, I have encouraged you to change your thinking, and now I am telling you exactly what to change your thinking to. Instead of feeling aggrieved or put out or piteous, now you set the instrument of your mind on the most fortunate person in the world, and that is you. You have been gifted with the position you are in and the lucky responsibility to recognize your good fortune.

No longer do you consider that you have misfortune. Misfortune would be a mistake.

You do not have a cross to bear. You have good fortune to accept.

Christ was given his mission, and you are given yours. Would Christ consider that he was unfortunate? Hardly. First of all, he wouldn't be thinking about himself. He would be thinking of Me. He saw a far vaster picture than the perceived world of his physical body. Even while on Earth, he was not relegated to Earth. His mind and heart were on Heaven. My son Christ was not meant to be a symbol of suffering. Heavens no. He was meant to be a living symbol of high thinking, of vision, good spirit, joy, and rebirth.

He would give you his vision. He would give you his eyes to see through. And his eyes are Mine. I give them to you as well.

Was Christ not fortunate to be Christ?

You may think you are not worthy to follow in his footsteps. I am telling you, once and for all, that you are his footsteps continued on Earth. Rise to the occasion, beloveds. You are to walk the world as Christ did walk the world, fortunate to be a presence on Earth, fortunate for all the opportunity presented, fortunate to live for Me and to never die.



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