HEAVEN #2400 Sleeping Beauty

God said:

There is a place in your heart reserved for Me. No matter who you are, there is that remarkable place in your heart reserved for Me. If you have longing in your heart, your longing is for Me. No matter what you believe you long for, your deepest longing is for Me.

You think from time to time that there is someone who fills that certain core of your heart, yet that is only practice, beloveds, preparation for when the True Occupant reigns. There is no substitute. Facsimiles, although enjoyed for the time they are enjoyed, are not the real thing. I am the One Who loves you as you desire to be loved, as you deserve to be loved. And when you know this with all the beats of your heart, you will have love to spare, and you will begin to emanate My love, ravish my love everywhere, fill all hearts with it.

When I am in your heart of hearts, and you know it, your heart does not waver. Your heart cannot fall from grace. It is truly your own heart you most crave to be constant. We were in love from the first moment I dreamed of you, and My love does not fade. You may forget Me from time to time, yet I never forget you, and My thoughts and My love reach you. They may lie dormant in you, yet they are there and only have to be awakened. I am awakening you now, Sleeping Beauty.

I am reminding you of the love that you already carry. It may have been tucked away in a corner of the suitcase of your heart. You may have to empty everything out before you find Our love shining. When you find Our love again in its fullness, then you can love others more. Of course you can. No longer are you dependent upon their love. No longer are you on welfare when it comes to love, for you have fullness of love, and you can pour it out without fear of loss. You will know you have all the love in the world and nothing to do but to give it out the way maidens in poetry used to strew wheat across the fields.

Whatever you do, it will be backed by love. Love will be your backbone. Your heart will circulate love, and you will give it away, all of it away, only to find more and more love rising from your heart. You will be rich in love, and that will make you the richest person on Earth. Next to the wealth of your love, dollars will seem paltry. On a scale of love, a million dollars weighs next to nothing. Love is the winner at every match. That means that everyone who has contact with you is a winner. Of course, anyone who has contact with Me is a winner, and everyone has contact with Me, for I am deep in every heart.

Now you will remember that I dwell in your heart, and that is exactly where I like to be. That is how I am instant, beloveds. I spend no time in travel, for I am everywhere at all times simultaneously, which means I am everywhere at once. There is no heart nor Being without surfeit of My love. Whatever you may think of someone, I think differently. I love everything, and nothing impresses Me but love itself. It doesn't matter to me what a child of Mine has done. I know his relationship to Me, and I know My love, and that My love will turn even cold hearts warm.



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