HEAVEN #2401 Let Your Dreams Be Butterflies

God said:

This is going to be a great day in your life. You are going to have many blessings today. And if you read this Heavenletter tomorrow or next week or next year, the message will still be fresh and accurate for you.

Today is the day you have been waiting for. This is your day today, the day you have been wanting with all your heart.

Bounce out of bed knowing that this message is for you every day. Mark it on your calendar. Emblemize it in your mind, and let your heart be full of wonder and your life wondrous. This is the day that you usher in a new life, one made for you, one beyond your specifications.

This is your day of miracles. Not just one miracle, but miracle upon miracle, miracles bumping into each other, a day crowded with miracles, big and little, all smooshed in, one on top of the other, miracles spilling all over the place, too numerous to recite. They will bounce up in the air like a juggler's oranges.

Hold your hat, beloveds. You are in for the ride of a lifetime. And today is just the beginning.

Today is the day your dreams come true. Today is the day you honor your dreams. Today is the day you release your dreams like balloons so that they may fly high. Today you release your dreams so they can come back to you, all wrapped up in the day before you. You let your dreams fly high like the wings of an eagle. You let your dreams fly like a comet streaming across the sky. You let your dreams reach Heaven where they will be surrendered to you. You let your dreams have a life of their own so they may rise before you and say, "Here I am, your dream realized. Here we are, your dreams realized."

Let your dreams be butterflies. Let your dreams be mist rising from the sea. Let your dreams be dreams that come true. Know beforehand the truth of your dreams. You did not make them up. You recognized them, that's all. You went down a list, and the dreams that were yours popped up. It was all foretold long ago. Today what always was becomes true, for today you see better than ever before. Today you are wiser in that you know less. You are more innocent.

This is Christmas morning, beloveds, and you are wide-eyed as to what gifts you will find under the tree of today. There will be so many dreams come true that you will not be able to open all of them, no matter how fast you tear open the wrappings, and you will just have to save some for tomorrow. And tomorrow they will have all multiplied. You will have to hustle some to keep up with the arrival of your dreams full-blown.

You are equal to the task and will not be overwhelmed. You will become used to a surfeit of joy. You will have so many gifts with your name on them that you will toss them like a bride's bouquet, and let them land into the hands that are open for them. You will know only to share. You will comprehend the blessing of sharing and know well that all those who receive are blessing you. You will begin to see all the recipients as yourself, and then you will know that you share with yourself, and the blessings grow bigger and more tumultuous.

What a day you are going to have today, this everlasting day that I have spread out before you on the flower-filled meadow of life.



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