HEAVEN #2408 God's Love

God said:

The owner is the one who serves the most. The owner of a business works long hours. He works extra hours while he gives his staff time off. The owner is the one who cares the most, and he thinks about his business all the time. In his caring, he is not thinking about himself and all his likes and dislikes. He is thinking of the service that is his to give, and so he serves.

As owners of My love, you serve the most. You give out love the most. Others may be retiring, but not you. You know what business you are in, and you work all hours. You do not count the hours. You are too busy spreading love, not mush, not sentiment, not hugs and kisses, but greater expansion of love that exceeds the ordinary expression of love. You serve even where the world may not assign you to love, but you know Who assigns you, and Who has made it clear that your love is to flow everywhere without distinction. There are no reservations when it comes to your love, or, We can say your love is reserved for everyone. Therefore, there is no first nor last. This is My love, after all, dispersed through you.

My love you are giving may not be evident from the outside. My love -- Our love -- is like a spring that runs underground. People flock to where the spring bubbles up, and they drink, and they may not know that the water comes from a Source greater than the spout. As you serve gallons of streaming love, you yourself never get thirsty. You quell all thirst. Once the waters of love have been tasted, there is a revival of love, and more and more springs sprout. The springs of love are like vines that entwine themselves around the world. The springs of love become like wine made from grapes of love. Ah, love abounding.

You are a distiller of My love. You are busy fulfilling all the orders. No one has to order for himself. You see where love is needed, and you see it is needed everywhere, and so you keep sending love. You will My love for all the Earth and all who abide on it. It is your will that love flower. It is your will that love emerge from its hiding place and declare itself, as one would do at customs.

You are a soldier of love. You invade all countries. There is an army of love, and you lead it. You lead it by example. You don't have to ask anyone to follow. You don't need to ask, because love will be followed. No one can resist it. Remember, beloveds, We are not talking about show of love or demonstration of any kind. We are talking about love being there. It does not have to be fancy. It just has to be love.

You are a flag-bearer. You are a trumpet call. You are the bugle sounding. And you are turning love on all over the world and galaxies beyond.

You are an instrument of My will, and that means instrument of My love. You who are My love are also an instrument of it. You are the process of My love unfolding on Earth. You are the front lines of My love, and you are also the rear guard. Wherever you stand, you stand in love. Wherever you are, you are love. What more is there to say?



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