HEAVEN #2409 Hosts of the Universe

God said:

You are all gentle souls. The ones you consider rough and tough are rough and tough because they are tender. They are just as tender and sensitive as you. Why would anyone be tough unless he had fear? The strongest of all are those who are gentle and kind. They are not afraid to be.

And even if you are afraid to be gentle, be gentle anyway.

If you are afraid, how would you want someone to treat you?

If you are the host of the universe, how would you want someone to treat you if you were a guest?

If you are a guest of the universe, how would you want someone to treat you if you were the host?

This is the golden rule, beloveds.

If you made a mistake, how would you want to be treated? Then that is how to treat another who has made a mistake or many.

This is what it means to be a brother. It means to be kind yet without showing that you are being kind.

No one wants you to be kind to them because that makes them feel as if they are in need. And so you are respectful. Whatever person is before you, he or she is a treasure of Mine. If I gave you a diamond, would you not take good care of it? Would you not respect it? It is a diamond after all. Did you really think that any person before you is worth less than a diamond?

Honor My children. Honor the privilege of being in their presence. They are a gift I sent to you. You are the mirror they look into. You are capable of raising or lowering their spirit. Given the choice, would you not raise their spirit?

There has been enough hardness and strictness in the world. Now it is time for everyone to be gracious.

You are My guests on Earth. You are My hosts on Earth. If I have hired you as a waiter, would I not train you to serve everyone courteously? And would you not serve everyone courteously in My restaurant? Then consider the world a restaurant that I have hired you to work in. Let it be your joy to work for Me in My restaurant and give impeccable service to all who sit at the tables to which you are assigned. Whoever comes to your table, you can know that I have sent them to you. I have sent them with every assurance that you will accord them exemplary service, just as if I were a patron at your table.

If you knew that I personally sent everyone to your table, that I sent them on My behalf, would you not be a supreme waiter? Would you not welcome My representatives? Beloveds, I have sent everyone to you on My behalf. I have sent the chef, I have sent the well-attired, and I have sent the disheveled, I have sent the tasters and those who are hungry. I have sent every stray dog. No one sits at your table that I have not invited.

And there is no waiter at a table that I have not sent as well. I sent you to serve on My behalf. Who else could have sent you? And why would I have sent you unless you were to serve and serve well?

You are serving Me as you serve others. There is no one to serve really except for Me. Now, please, give Me good service.



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