Begin #2318 An Artist of Love

God said:

When you sail on love, everything is easy. Have you not experienced this? Have you not experienced the beautiful energy that love gives you? Peel a layer of love from your heart, the way you take a page of a daily calendar. Some layers have toughened. Simply remove them so you can get closer to the core of your heart. The deeper into love you go, the richer is your heart. The more of it you expose, the more you allow love to flourish. Remove the surface layers, beloveds, Open, open your heart. Take the old petals off the rose. Let the inner growth show. See it for yourself. Tender is your heart of love. This very tenderness is the strength of your heart. Toughness is not. Only tenderness is.

Allow your heart to be what it is. It is vibrant. It is egoless. It takes no umbrage.

Your heart journeys into the world. You pull off a petal and leave it. You keep leaving petals of your love wherever you are and wherever you go. You strew the petals of your heart so that others may know the love in their own hearts. Your heart is infinite. Your heart is going to take over the world. And it will be joined by other hearts. There will be a peace march of hearts. Hearts will come from all directions to join in to a gigantic fireworks of love.

Love will rise from the Earth and sparkle the sky and every heart. Love will be sounded in the universe. Nothing can withstand love. Anything but love will now be forgotten. Anything but love will be useless. It will be discarded. It will not exist. Anything but love was only a fantasy, only pearls of paste instead of the real gems.

Love alone is worth its salt.

You are truly an artist of love. You have wanted to know what you are on Earth for. I tell you again and again. Love is your true purpose. It is your only purpose. How many ways can you love? Infinite ways. Take your pick.

When you are honest with yourself, you will know how much you crave love. You didn’t quite know that it is your own love you crave to give. The love within your heart is your great treasure contained in a treasure chest. Why hesitate to open this treasure chest. You will not be disappointed. You will be amazed.

Your heart is like yeast that expands and expands. Your heart keeps growing larger and larger. And so the world expands. Let the bellows of your heart sound louder. Be not embarrassed by your heart. It is a heart of love. It is to be proud of. It is to be explored and developed. It is a boon. Your heart is a beautiful embodiment of love.

Be not a hunter of love. Be the one who has caught the love in his own heart and brought it home to feed all.

There are sheaves of love in your heart. Love is the crop you grow, and the crop you reap. You take your love to the market, and you give it away. You offer it. It is there. Display it beautifully. Hold your love high. Hold it high so that others look up and catch it.

Love is in your court. It is yours to serve. And you are served love, you bounce it back. Love is complete and full, and yet it grows, and it weaves itself across the universe and on into infinity. Love is carried from heart to heart, and so I am carried across the universe.



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