HEAVEN #2156 A Yellow Buttercup

God said:

You are a like a yellow buttercup that grows in the field. Like a buttercup, you catch the sun, and you reflect it. Like every buttercup in the field, you are sweet and dear to Me. I note you waving in the breeze. My hand passes over you, and I send you blessings. The buttercup in the field notes My blessing. You, however, may be too busy, involved with other things.

A buttercup is more one-pointed than you. It forever turns its head to the sun. When the sun purportedly disappears over the horizon, the buttercup rests its head, assured of the sun’s return the next morning. What does a buttercup worry about? Is a buttercup thinking of what could come along and disturb its joy and communication with Me? Does it get fraught because night has befallen? No, it does not. It is in tune with time in the relative world and with Eternity in Heaven. The buttercup doesn’t have a head for figures as you do. It does not know about odds. It has not read an encyclopedia of catastrophes and memorized them. The buttercup knows nothing about the concept of danger. It knows nothing that you do, and therefore it knows better than you. What is more innocent than a buttercup?

Perhaps you have desired to be clever rather than innocent. Perhaps you have been betting on the wrong horse. If you have been riding on a horse called cleverness, then ride it to Me and leave it outside. There is plenty of room for you in Heaven, but there is no room for cleverness. Cleverness is awkward and bulky, too. Innocence takes up no room at all.

Of course, your cleverness is a kind of innocence. You have to be very innocent to believe that cleverness wins the day. Even when it does, or seems to, it leaves a bad taste. In all your cleverness, when all is said and done, you have put one over on yourself.

Desire innocence because that leaves you free. Innocent, like the buttercup, you carry no baggage with you, no past, present, or future. Innocent, you are totally unencumbered. Imagine how wonderful that is. No need to mentally carry a purse, a briefcase, a set of keys, no worry about losing anything. What can be more freeing than that? No car to find where you parked it. No clutteredness in your mind. A full-flowing heart and an uncluttered mind.

Without baggage, what place is there for hurts or resentments? What place is there for grudge or even assessment? There would no longer be ratings. There would be no judging, no trying to allocate locker space, no carrying anything extra, carrying only love and not keeping that, just holding it in your hand long enough to give it away, rich beyond conception with love, not keeping it but letting it go, and now having it surround you on all sides. You could say you are a captive of love because there is nowhere you can move without it. Barraged with it, you are free of it. No need to think of where you are going because you are buoyed by all the love you didn’t keep but gave away instead. Surges of love like gusts of wind propel you along the streets of life. Where are you going? You don’t even have to know. You jump from one flagstone of love to another, and all of them lead to Me, beloved.



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