HEAVEN #2157 Your One Desire

God said:

Take off your glasses, and put on Mine. I look through the seas and the skies, and you have been looking through little panes of glass. Throw them way. Never mind about seeing finite. See Vastness now. See beyond the Beyond. See right into My eyes, and you will see the whole universe reflected in them. You will see the seas and the skies, and you will see the heart of the universe.

To see beyond the manifest world is to let go of walls and despair. It is leaving the bounds of your particular spot on Earth and merging with the universe. You become the universe in your awareness. You will not be able to separate yourself out from it.

You may fear that you lose your identity. Begin to see now that you gain it. Heretofore, you have worn a tiny name card that makes you a tiny dot on the universe. And now you have a great name card that says One. And what is the attribute of you who are One? It is Oneness. What is Oneness but Godness? And so We meet, and so We stay, inseparable. We have no desire for separateness. Our desire is for Oneness. You clamor for Oneness. I know only Oneness.

I am One with all that is. I am All That Is. And I am you. That is hard for you to fathom. It may not be possible for you to fathom. It is fathomless. But that does not mean unknown. It means hard to grasp. Of course it is. It is not denseness. Oneness is made of sturdier stuff. Oneness that manifests as many-ness is made of Vastness. You are made of Vastness. You have no boundaries. Boundaries are merely a painted picture. The backdrop they are painted on is Vastness. The Vastness is not seeable, yet it is known.

You don’t see half of yourself, and yet you know that more exists than meets the eye. Certainly, you are not locked in that body. Surely, you are further than the eye can see. You are even more than the mind can imagine. Truly, no portrait of you can be painted.

A star could represent you. An atom could. An acorn. A bird at wing. The glow of a sunset. The sound of the sea. Yet a representation does not fully represent you. And yet you represent Me.

The ground beneath your feet represents ground, yet the ground is merely a brush stroke. It’s not really there. It doesn’t hold you up. I hold you up.

There is no sky far away. It only seems so.

There is one thing that exists, and that is I and that is you. We are variously called love. Love exists, and that’s it. Whether disguised in leopard-skin, love alone exists. Of course, love is not alone nor ever lonely. Love is Oneness, just another name for Oneness, just as your given name is a sample of Oneness. Oneness meets itself.

All your desires, no matter how seemingly far away, are desires for Oneness. Therefore, you have one desire, beloveds. Little by little, your desire becomes true. And then, all at once, your awareness meets your Oneness, and you begin to know the true state of affairs and who you are. You come to know without proof, without the need to prove, that you are Oneness and that Oneness means no otherness. And you come to know that you never needed anything else, and now you see there is nothing else, and so you are no longer possessed by a mirage.



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