HEAVEN #2162 Count to One

God said:

There is always the sunshine. There never is a moment that the sun is not shining. It never closes its eyes. The world travels to the sun, and the sun blesses the world as it passes under its eye. The sun is focused, ever reverent on shining its golden light on everyone and everything.

And so I am like a sun to you. Irrespective of season, events, blemishes, I bless. I do not sort. I bless all alike. No one has any more of Me than you do. I give no more to anyone than I give to you, nor do I ever give anyone less. Never do I give more to you one day than I give to you the next. I give you everything every moment. I give non-stop, and I give My All to all.

You may have thought that I am picky like you, that perhaps I go by whim or by complexion or physical appearance or agility or by service or by anything at all other than My fullness of love. I do not have moods. I have one preference, and that is My love, and My desire that you receive it, that you accept it, that you notice My love and take it as yours. You are My most beloved child on Earth. You are My favorite, and all are so.

Of course, to Me, you are One. There is no other to favor nor to fault. I do understand that you think you are multiples. Just as when you understand what I mean when I say: “You and your brother are One,” your understanding doesn’t mean you don’t take it with a grain of salt. Just so, I don’t take your belief in others and opposites seriously either. But I do know you believe it, and so I speak your language when I say many. When I say Beloveds, I know there is One Beloved I speak to and One who hears. I know I am the One Who speaks, and I am the One Who hears, and you are miraged in a dream of many.

You are My ray of energy. My ray appears to go out in many directions, yet there is no space nor direction for My ray to go in. Don’t think about this too much because it is unfathomable. Everything that matters is unfathomable. Love is unfathomable. It is infinite and therefore cannot be fathomed. Love cannot be fathomed, but it is discernible. Everyone has experienced it.

And now you will experience it more. Love will become your experience. It will become your only experience. When I say it is your only experience now, you would beg to differ.

What if I am correct, My most dear child? What if what I say is true? What if I do know what I am talking about? What meandering in thought would you ponder then? What questions would you have, and to whom would you ask them? You live in a questionless world, only you happen to think it’s questionable.

Let’s leave thought and get back to love. You are soaked in My love. You steep in it. You breathe it. You drink it. You are it! That whom I love is My love. You are the beneficiary, and you are the love I give. We are Oneness, beloved, and Oneness is all. It is enough. It is much more than many-ness. One has all the power and glory. Our mutual Oneness is exists. It exists in love. We exist because of love. Love is all, and all are One. Count to One.



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