HEAVEN #2163 The Goldenness of Heaven

 God said:

Look up. No matter what, look up. See the sun. Look up, and see brightness. Keep looking up, beloved. When your eyes pain you, look up. When your heart hurts you, look up. When you feel bereaved, look up. The physical act of looking up will change the circumference of your thoughts. Heaven, as pictured, is a metaphor, and yet, like all metaphors, it contains Truth. When you look Heavenward, healing occurs.

Even when your eyes are closed, look up. You will also be looking inward.

Stand tall and straight. Picture a sterling golden chain of love from Heaven holding you erect. Straight posture is good because it makes a straight line to and from Heaven. You might as well picture the straight line from you to Heaven and Heaven to you. It is not all imagination to think this. Besides which, your imagination can do anything. Imagine what you want to come to pass.

Do you want to be connected to Heaven? Is it already a desire? It is, of course, a desire fulfilled because the connection is incontrovertible.

Imagine a golden bicycle that rides you up to Heaven. Pedal it. How smooth a ride it is. And then alight. Imagine angels pulling up a golden basket with you in it. They pull you up, hand over fist. Imagine your landing in Heaven, getting out of the golden basket, following a golden arrow right to Me. Imagine Our delight, yours and Mine. Imagine.

What folly have you heretofore been imagining?

Never mind. Imagine gold now. Imagine an Easter egg hunt with nuggets of gold hidden under every blade of grass. Imagine yourself as you find the nuggets of gold, one after the other, nuggets of God right there waiting for you underneath the blades of grass.

Imagine a golden apple tree and how happily you pluck the golden apples. These apples are gold, and they are edible. You absorb the nutrients just by looking at the shining gold apples.

You absorb something of whatever you look at until the time when your looking turns everything into gold. This is the secret of alchemy. Your vision will turn everything into gold. What this means is that you will see everything as Truth.

You will turn yourself into gold, not gold that is dense, but gold that is flowing light. There will not be density in what you create.

You will be the alchemist of the universe. You will turn every thought into gold. You will turn consciousness into the gold of itself. You will bring the golden light of the universe to light. You will light it up, and all will see what you see. You will pull back a curtain, and you will reveal the gold of Heaven. You will reveal what always was. You will reveal it to yourself, and then it is revealed for all to see. There will be no holding back the revealment of God.

God will burst forth from your unlimited vision. I was always visible, only you didn’t know what you saw. You mistook shadows for Reality when, all the while, I stood before you in all My Golden Splendor. You were gold-blind, beloved. And now you see gold. Now you see gold above all.

Do you see now how the leaves of the tree are edged with gold? The sun shows you what is already there.

From gold you came, and to gold you return, and yet you always were, and you always are, so there is no leaving and no returning. There is not new gold, only new golden awareness of the gold that always was.

Will you look up now with your eyes and see the goldenness of Heaven and walk through it as one who knows his way and has never been anywhere else?



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