HEAVEN #2165 Be in Love

 God said:

Much of the time in life, you sputter. You go back and forth in activity as though it were a loom. Sometimes you dart here and there so as not to think or not to do that which is before you to do. You spin your wheels, beloved. You already know that.

That is all right. Just acknowledge that is what you are doing, that you are getting caught up in something that is not significant, just occupying yourself with it. It is true that you do have to be occupied with something while you are on Earth. You are never really doing nothing. Even when you are sitting still, you have thoughts going around. Even when you are sitting still, you are contemplating getting up! You play well the game called Activity.

Whatever you are doing or not doing, your thoughts are somewhere, staying focused or going hither and yon. Always you want to know what is the point of any given activity or non-activity, even when you know the point is love. Wherever you meander, remember love. Remember that is what you are here for. Just have that in your awareness. Even when you are lying on the grass and looking up at the sky, you are in the line of love. You are giving and receiving it. At this moment, as you read My words, you are in the mainstream of love.

Keep your attention easily on love and the awareness that love is your purpose. Anger is not. Disappointment is not. Boredom is not. When in love, what place is there for boredom?

What is it like to be in love? Be it. Be love. Be in love with something, yet love needs no object in order to be love. Be in love with love then. Be a painter of love who spatters it. Be one who writes love on a window-pane or in the air. Write love in invisible ink, and still it is written.

Do even that which you do not like to do in the frame of love. There is no other way to do it. No matter how menial the task, make it one of love. No matter how much you don’t like to do it, you can still do it for love. No matter how repetitive a task, it can be repeated in love.

You know resistance very well. You know how to be stubborn. Now be stubborn in your donating of love to the universe. Whatever you are called on to do, do it with love in your heart. All you have to do is to remind yourself of love, and love is there. Love comes at your bidding. Bid love to come. Bid love to assist you. Bid love to give itself so that love may be known.

If you would take all the resistance you use to push against something and transform it into doing something and doing it with love, what a world you would live in. If you would persist in love as you persist in resentment and all that sort of bother, what a Human Being you would be. What a life you would create, all because you dwelled on love. Can there possibly be anything as important as love?

What is the good of anything without love? Love is foremost. Everything else is secondary. Put love in its rightful place, and then all else follows. All else takes a back seat.

Let business be founded in love. Let money be founded in love. Love is great energy. It is the energy that will sustain you. It is the energy that does sustain you. Now, sustain love regardless of anything.



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