HEAVEN #2169 Make Friends with the Universe

 God said:

If your thoughts have been in a rut, what is there to do but get onto a new track? If you have been thinking about the ills of the world, change the station you listen to. Return to beauty. Remember upliftment. Uplift yourself. Pull yourself up.

When you are on a train, you have to know when to get off. If you take a bus, you have to be alert to where you transfer. You have no obligation to stay on a bus or a train. You can get off wherever you want. Get off at a stop that serves you and the universe.

You carry an umbrella when it’s raining. You don’t carry around an umbrella every day in the event it should rain. For what earthly reason would you carry dreary thoughts? They shield you from nothing. They are the very enemy, and you have been taking care of them, protecting them at your own expense.

Get on with it, beloveds. Get on with it. You have been in a certain frame of mind for long enough. Vote in new thoughts. Vote in new thinking. Elect a new candidate for your thinking. Pick out the slate you want. Elect a governor of your heart that is worthy of the honor.

If your present personal government lacks proof of beauty, love, and goodness, then become an investigative reporter and find them. Allocate space for them. Get on their trail. Collect beauty, love, and goodness. Get out of the present house of your mind. Redecorate. Choose a new color scheme. It is time to repaint. Find the colors you want in nature. Walk where you have never walked before. Find flowers. Find bird nests. Be Columbus, and discover a new world.

Start drawing your own world. Take wide strokes.

Get out of your chair. It isn’t even comfortable any longer.

When your car isn’t running well, you take it in for service. You get an oil change. You rotate the tires. You get new ones. You charge the battery. Your life has batteries. Maybe you need to recharge them, or get new ones.

Beloveds, if you are not happy on the path you are walking, find a new path or find a new stride. Pick up your feet. You can enjoy more where you are. Put joy before gloom. Put encouragement before discouragement. Get your hands out of your pockets. Swing your arms freely. Be a crusader in your own life. Lead your life as though it were a child. Lead it in the way you want it to go.

Who is responsible for your life? Who is going to motivate it? Who is going to change it, or add to it, or alleviate it? There is no one you need to ask for permission in order to raise your life . Do not wait for signs. The sign is that you want a more harmonious life. You have all the signal you need. You want to be in harmony with the moon and the stars and the sun in the sky. You want to leap from star to star. You want to soar. Begin now.

Make friends with the universe. Be on its side. Become part of it. Join in. Clap your hands. Jump for joy. Arise to new heights. Today is the day to raise life on Earth, starting with your own. Meet the sun. Let it enter your eyes and your heart. Get swept up in it. Enjoy.



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