HEAVEN #2179 The Heartbeat of the Universe

God said:

Be still. Listen to the heartbeat of the universe. Listen to its love. Listen to how it enjoins you, this beat of love, this heartthrob that robs you of all that you have diverted yourself with. Love ta-tum ta-tum, love ta-tum ta-tum goes the beat of the universe. It reverberates in you. This beat of love. Set your heart to it. You set your heart to Mine.

From love arose more love. The initial sound of love continues, and so the manifest world was born. Love had to go somewhere. It chose to create. It chose to create you. You chose to be created. You also chose to create. There isn’t anything you can’t create, but start with good will. Start with peace. Start with love.

There is a fountain of love within you. Avail yourself of it. There are disparate things as well, but foremost, chose this fountain, chose to have your heart burst forth and reign over the world. If you have wanted power, this is it. The Sun shines brightly. It makes no big-to-do. It is just being itself. It asks for nothing but to shine and so to bless. Be you like the Sun who gives its all.

The Sun is like My eyes. The Moon is too. The Stars are My love blinking in the Heavens. I make no secret of My love. I emphasize it wherever I go. All is lit by Me, by My desire for light, and so shall it be.

No matter what dark place you find yourself in, My light shines. I say My light so you know it is personally given to you. My light belongs to all. I say My light so that you may feel My love entering your heart, love from the One God personally to you. Notwithstanding, the love you feel, the love you receive, the love you give are all part of the whole. Love is as much yours as it is Mine. The soup of love comes from one common pot. This love is stirred, and this love overflows, from Vastness to Vastness, from one heart to another, until all hearts know their love as Oneness.

Oneness is the Truth of you. Nothing else is. If you do not yet know yourself as love, then get to know yourself better. Every time you look into the mirror, think of Me. Think of yourself as basking in the Sun of God’s light. Think of how happy I am to be love and to love you. Let yourself be aware of your magnificence and know it is Mine. I would share with all. I share with you abundantly. Love Me, love Me not, but hand out love in the world. There is nothing else you have to do but reflect the light I have given to you. I have poured it out to you. This is the manna from Heaven. It is love, beloveds. Pick it up, Throw it around like breadcrumbs, or like rose and orange blossoms, or like confetti, or like wedding rice. Let love be far-flung, and flung by you.

You are on Earth to spend My love. Do not apportion it. Simply dish it out. Dish it out from your eyes. Lavish the Earth with your love. Spend it right and left. Adorn the world with your love that issues from Me. Give out that which I have given to you. Give it out royally.

You are like a king, and all the coffers are yours. Your riches come not from the people of Earth but from Me. It is you who gives to the people. You are My cashier. You are My hand.



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