HEAVEN #2180 The Throne of Heaven

God said:

Beloved beloveds, steal Me from Heaven. Secure Me in your heart. Keep Me here. Know I am deeply in your heart. You harbor Me in your heart. I, the Harborer of you, am harbored in your heart. It is My resting place. Your heart is the hammock I swing in. All is nice and easy with Me.

Do you feel Me in your heart? I am not heavy. I weigh nothing. I am lighter than air. My task in your heart is to uplift you. And so you desire to uplift yourself, uplight yourself, uplight the world.

Be a sojourner in Heaven as I sojourn in your heart.

While you read a book of your life, you are sitting under a palm tree with Me. You turn the pages. Whatever travesty may be on a page, you are still with Me. No matter what the furor, you and I are love sitting under the palm tree. No matter what the flurry, we are as One under the palm tree.

No matter how fast the wind blows, you do not miss a page. There is one page after the other. You do not know how the book of your life is going to turn out. Turn, turn, the pages of your book.

Every day you read a page – or a chapter.

Every night you go to sleep, and yet, even in sleep, the saga continues. In sleep, you ruminate about the page you were on, or you wonder about the page tomorrow. Or you wonder about the end of the story, although there is no way you can skip ahead to find out.

Of course, in the True Book of Life, there is no last page. There is no ending. You are perpetual. There never is an end to you! You are on a continuum from which there is no possibility of departure. However limited your present vision may be, there is no true desire to get off this magnificent adventure, this exhilarating enlivenment, this beautiful light shining vastly. There is an Oh of wonder in your heart and anticipation. What new wonders will there be to behold. Of course, the wonderment is outside of time, so it is eternal, as eternal as you, as eternal as I.

There is no running away from the fact that you and I will be reunited in your awareness. It is inevitable that one day you will open your eyes and see. You are already beginning to see. Soon you will only see. You will see Truth self-evident. You will see the relative side by side, yet your eyes will never go off the Main Show. And so you will be melted in love, all barriers broken. Whatever imaginary limits you have held, they will be broken, and you will step out of the furnace of the world into the clear blue yonder. You will find it was merely a glance away, not even a footstep. It was not even a revelation but a realization. You have blocked that realization. You have even mocked it. You want it so greatly that you will even scoff at it in order not to be disappointed. It is you who has dis-appointed yourself. Appoint yourself now. What is there to wait for?

Come get Me now! I do not play hard to get. I am accessible. I am waiting for you right out in the open. Open your heart to Me. See with your heart. Accompany Me as I accompany you. Enter My domain. Come sit on the Throne of Heaven with Me.



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